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A Testimony of Jesus Christ Today!

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Crying out to Daddy God!

I share with you a few stories which are the reflection of an intimate relationship with the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob, the One True God. The Lord has EXCITING plans for our lives, we are meant to experience ABUNDANT life through a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ, the Son of God!

We have the potential to change the world while in relationship with Jesus Christ; He is the author and perfecter of our faith. These stories were actual events prompted by the Lord.  Holy Spirit as a person is alive and well today.  Let your hearts be filled with love and wonder.  Life is meant to be an exciting adventure!


The Power in a Testimony

The Gospel of Jesus Christ:  “For God so [greatly] loved and dearly prized the world, that He [even] gave His [One and] only begotten Son, so that whoever believes and trusts in Him [as Savior] shall not perish, but have eternal life.” -John 3:16 (Amplified Bible)

Great News:  Jesus Christ is the Son of God.  He came into the world not to condemn the world but to live and to die for it.  He was accused, tortured, put to death on the cross, was buried, and after three days rose again according to the scriptures.  If we believe with our hearts that Jesus took on every offense we ever did against God, which the Bible calls this sin, we can be saved.

If you believe in your hearts and confess with your mouths that Jesus is the Son of God you can be saved from eternal death into eternal life.  Tell God that you are sorry for your sin and you want Jesus in your heart, you will be saved into abundant life.  Today is the day of salvation!  

Keep in the Light, have faith, and grow in love. Read your bible, pray always, if you need help on your journey, plug into these resources.

About me…

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About Me


My name is Rabon Johnson, I am a little known sojourner in Christian evangelism, never showcased any significant world changing contribution to society.  But in my mid-40’s…well let’s just say God got my attention.  I had a road to Damascus type encounter with the Father and He has taken me on a journey of miracles, healings, signs and wonders ever since.

I was raised in a Baptist church and at the age of 5 years old, my mother recalls me having come into the house and said, “Jesus was talking with me outside by the swingset in the yard,” …this in the backyard of my childhood home western Pennsylvania, “He told me that he loved me and he has big things for me to do.”

The stories in the following posts unfold a small sample of the miraculous events which I believe Jesus was sharing with me in this first conversation in the summer of 1975! As I am compelled by the Lord to record this journey, I wouldn’t believe it either had I not experienced all of these events first hand.  I am in a profession that finds its roots in analytical logic, scientific principles, and mathematics.  Yet it is by faith alone in Jesus Christ whom I stake my life upon! This gift of Jesus was provided to all who believe by the great love and grace of Daddy God.  Through a vibrant relationship with Jesus, who destroyed the works of offenses I have made towards God (the Bible calls this sin), I experience abundant life!  The power of the Holy Spirit where all things are made new are possible through Christ who strengthens me.

It is true that this blog is written by my hand and yes, the events recorded here are a part of my story.  However, my hopes are it means much more to you personally as you reflect on the possibility that testimonies like these and even greater become a part of your story. My prayer is this text speaks to your hearts, in a frankly, supernatural way. It is my earnest passion for you to consider this narrative discourse as, “Your Story.” I hope you will be encouraged to discover these truths that will challenge your perspective and increase your excitement for your Christian walk from this day forward!

My Personal Journey:
The Gift I Never Expected how I was introduced to the power of God.
New Life Begins what the day after the Lord healed me was like.
Exactly who are these people? House Church? The Power Investigation Continues!
God, You Want Me to Bless this Water?
Medical Definition of Anaphylactic Shock
Prophecy Given to Rabon Johnson by Joan of Follow His Way Ministries 9/16/16
A Wonder in God’s Timing (PT Cruiser AC)
This is my bible.

Surprisingly, I have found myself in many occasions where the Heavenly Father has used me as a prayer intercessor.  As He leads me to, I ask God to heal the sick, lame, to drive out suffering pain, heal diseases, and many distresses and/or habits (Matthew 10:7&8).  Jehovah Rapha (I Am the God who Heals) has healed many people in natural time right on the spot when we pray!  Many experience great warmth inside as the Lord heals them or a peace that is profoundly beyond their understanding.

If you have a prayer need for healing, please reach out to me through this website.  Through love and belief in God’s power to heal, I am always open to any opportunity to pray.  We can agree in prayer for you, a friend, or for your loved ones in agreement with God’s will; let’s see what the Lord will do together.  Freely I have received my miracle, freely I pray with others – it is the Lord’s desire that his power be experienced for your abundant life in relationship.  If you contact me, we can pray on the phone or in person.  And for some, if you are so compelled, I can assist you in your journey to understand how the Lord wants to love the world in power through your little life!  Christian sons and daughters around the world today are moving in prayer intercessory power!  I can help you to learn how to unpack this gift given by the Father to you too!

Know this, it is the power of Lord almighty that does the healing through the Holy Spirit. I am a humble servant of Jesus Christ and a willing prayer intercessor,  a living stone, a witness of my Lord Jesus Christ.


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The Gift I Never Expected

I’m going to fast forward from the 5 year old event until much later in life at the age of 45. I was visiting a community action prayer and worship event in the city of Baltimore, Maryland on January 9, 2016. I was so excited to participate in the service, but could only attend for 2 hours near the end of their day even from 3 to 5pm with my wife of then 22 years. We saw some old friends there and participated in the worship and prayer. At the end of the session, Matt, the coordinator of this event and the lead of the Somebody Cares Baltimore ministry chapter gave a benediction and asked if anyone would like prayer to come up front to receive prayer.

I felt as though my wife and I were in a time of spiritual transition, two weeks prior to this event, I had spoken to the pastor of the church that we intended to be leaving the church in the spring. This was a somewhat transitional time in our lives because we had been attending the church for six years but we really feeling called away from the church. Since we led a small group house church ministry tied to this church out of our home and I was on the worship team of the church, let’s just say it was a difficult decision to leave the community of fellowship.

I prayed and asked God if he wanted me to go up front. I felt drawn to go forward and receive prayer. I was particularly drawn to talk with the two guys on the right side in front of the congregation. Before I was about six feet away from one of them, he asked me “Do you live in Harford County?” Astonished, I said, “Yes, how could you know that?” He continued, “Isn’t your wife here with you today?” Again, now I am really started to think that this is stink’in weird. In my heart I’m thinking, ‘mmm, I don’t know this guy from Adam, I’ve never seen him before in my life, how could he possibly know all this about me?’ I said, “Yes, my wife is here with me. This is all very weird, how did you now I was from Harford County?” He said, “I will tell you later.” Then I continued, “but I came up here to ask for prayer, can you please pray for me?” He introduced himself as James, the other man was Cooper. I continued, “My wife and I are at a unique junction in our lives where we believe God wants us to leave the church we are presently attending because we just know it is time for us to be part of something else. Because we lead a house church out of our home and I’m on the worship team, this is a confusing time for us after 6 years of attending this church. Can you please pray for us to know what God wants us to do as we go through this process and where he would like us to be next?” James said, “Sure, let’s pray.” Then something strange happened inside my heart when James prayed, I felt as though my spirit was doing flips inside my heart. I was so excited yet I had no particular reason to be this excited. At the same time, I felt such a burden lift off my shoulders and then a feeling of almost weightlessness in my heart. After James and Cooper finished praying for me, James continued, “Rabon, we would like to talk with you and your wife before you leave tonight ok? Just signal us before you go so we can talk. I said, “Sure.”

The time came where my wife and I needed to wrap up the evening and head home. I notified James we were heading out and he suggested we talk downstairs – we followed him to a room below the sanctuary. There we met with James and was introduced to what turned out to be a few of his prayer partners/home church group. James explained to me that he is part of a ministry of healing that focuses on helping others through intercessory prayer enabled by the power of the Holy Spirit. He told me that this church group meets together regularly and volunteers at a flea market in North Point, MD to pray for anyone who wants prayer on each Saturday of the month. He and a few of his prayer partners told us of several different folks that they were able to pray for and see the hand of God heal right before their eyes in real time! I knew this was possible because this is explained in the New Testament, especially in the four gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) and in Acts. I had a general sense from I’m not sure where to trust this situation that was unfolding before our eyes and “participate with my wife”, whatever that meant.

At this point, I knew in my heart that something was genuine with this group, I felt both drawn to them and my spirit was like doing flips inside me – like a massive, burning expanse of peace in my heart doing back and forward flips. What is crazy is that I have been walking with God since the summer of 1983 but in recent years I have been praying earnestly to go deeper with God. We (my wife, daughter and I) want to know more of the power of the Holy Spirit and have been desperately desiring a more intimate and deeper relationship with God really these last two years.

Then it happened, James asked my wife and I if they could pray for us right now and I asked my wife if she wanted to participate in this and she was open to it. Since they seemed to have an understanding that this would be helpful to both of us. So I’m an engineer by education, my flesh is starting to come out thinking this is a ‘prayer experiment’ (I was so naive), I suggested that the team pray for us individually and with my wife praying with James as he did not know her at all. James said actually, they would rather pray for us as a couple because we serve together as a couple and have been put together by the hand of God in marriage; we agreed with this arrangement and let them pray for us. They prayed in a chorus of prayers that were all happening at the same time. So then God started to reveal some very distinct things about us and service areas that were confirmed for us to pursue – it was uncanny what the Lord was revealing to them. Then the prayer ended and my wife and I stood there stunned and confused at what had just transpired.

About this time, I am thinking…man I have got to sit down because my knees are killing me. I have had degenerative knee joints due I guess mostly to running for too many years. After a total of 3 surgeries on my left knee and 2 on my right knee; only about 50% of the cartilage and meniscus is left and right knee with the left knee being much worse. My orthopedic surgeon told me that I would have to learn to live with the pain. I couldn’t stand for very long without pain and I was told that I should never run again. Apparently, I am a candidate for knee replacement surgery later in life but that was going to have to be several years from now.

So James picks up on something the Holy Spirit is telling him and tells me, “Rabon, you are in pain…it is your…knees.” I thought to myself, ‘there he goes again! How does he do that? This is crazy! I told him that I have trouble with my knees for years and that I need to sit down. James then asked me, “Would you like us to pray for your knees to be healed now?” Something inside me told me that yes, that is exactly what I would like to do; I looked to my wife to read her body language for “is something I should do or not?” – she had the “go for it” encouraging look so I said yes. They said please just sit here and wait for a minute, we have a guy on our team that is really good at praying for joint problems. So then in my head I’m thinking “WHAT??? You’ve got a knee guy?” Then I heard the Lord speak into my heart, “No Rabon, this is a son of mine that I have anointed with a special gift to heal joint pain. I want you to sit back and let them pray for your healing.” At this point I’m freaking out, in my heart “What? Who is that voice?” Next I thought, “I think this is God, oh my I have never heard from God like that! Then I settled down and began praying silently to God, then I prayed aloud, “Jesus if this is something you want for me today I accept it willingly but I love you no matter what the outcome is and please bless these folks for their tender hearts, I love you Father.”

So the knee guy (Mike) shows up and they ask if I am ready, I say, “Sure.” Mike laid his hands on my knees and I think someone else did too but I closed my eyes. An incredible wellspring of prayer was poured out on my behalf! I remember hearing phrases like “spirit of infirmity, I command you to leave these knees in the name of Jesus”, “help the ligaments and tendons to be restored Lord”, and similar prayers. Then I felt it, it was like nothing I have experienced ever. I felt power, like energy entering into the tip of my knee cap on BOTH knees and swirling around in my knee joints. I saw golden streams of light, as my eyes were closed, raising six inches on the top of my knees toward the sky. Now something, Holy Spirit is dancing all around inside. I felt a sensation like goose bumps, energy go from the tip of my knee cap to the sole of my foot, up and down, it felt warm but very good. Then I felt it, in my left knee, something uncomfortable, it seemed as though material was pressing outward from the inside of my knee joints outward. I felt this material(?) expand and press outward from within as if the knee had more structure being built in there than existed before. At some point they stopped praying, I was a crying babbling mess, and they removed their hands. For a minute or so I still felt the material in my knee expanding. I stood up and something was drastically different; I felt a cushion in my worst knee, the left one, that was not there before. Then they asked me if I felt that my knees were completely better or not. I told them “the pain in my knees is quite lower, my right one went from a seven to a three with ten being highest pain you’ve ever suffered, my left knee from a nine to a six.” I said my knees where better but not completely whole yet and expressed that my left knee was really bad inside. They asked me if I wanted them to pray another time and I remember asking specifically if they could focus on my left knee because it was the worst off. So they started praying for me again and this time the power in my left knee was going to town. After they stopped, I was a sobbing mess, I couldn’t believe that God would be so gracious to me and I felt so honored that they participated in this with me. My wife and I were a wreck at this point because it takes a lot out of you if you have never been exposed to the healing power of the Holy Spirit first hand. They then asked me to check to see how my knees were – at this point I stood and felt as if my right knee was brand new. I tested it out with their encouragement and was surprised how incredible it felt inside. My left knee felt like it was about 95% and my right knee was healed completely. They asked me if I would like prayer again but I declined, not because I didn’t believe that God could heal me, but because I had so much to process – it was overwhelming. When we left the church and headed out onto the car, I stepped off the curb and for the first time in years I didn’t have a twinge of pain shoot through my left knee joint which I have become accustomed to – Thank you Jesus!

From that point forward, we made up our minds to press into the Heavenly Father and to keep in touch with James and learning more about what God is up to in this work and how we might serve or be involved in this work if this is what God has for us.
In the mean time, the next day I got on the treadmill and I ran – I sprinted, walked, did intervals for the first time in years. My left knee never hurt, it feels solid and is better than it has felt in years.

I’ve been prayed for before, but I can testify that I have never experienced this kind of prayer or healing first hand. I have never experienced this energy, the rejuvenating power of the Holy Spirit manifested in such a tangible way with a group of prayer warriors before. I am an engineer by education and profession, but I am a son of the living God and carry Jesus in my heart everywhere I go; I give God all of the glory, all of the honor and all of the praise for this is his work. I’m thankful now that I had bad knees beforehand so that this miracle was made possible and the goodness of God known by me and for his glory to known throughout the land.Home

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Rabon Johnson

Thanks for joining me!

Before you dive into the rich content of this weblog, take a moment to reflect upon how much the Lord loves you.  Jesus thought the world of you while he was upon the cross.  His shed blood for you cleanses you of all things that once separated you from the love of the Father, the bible calls this sin.  Before you begin the journey of reading these stories, take a moment now with the Lord.  Bow your head and in that quiet place with God ask him to refresh you anew with His heart.  Ask Him to unmask mysteries which have held you back in the past from reaching new depths of understanding his love for you.  Scriptures says in Psalms that his thought for you outnumber the grains of sand.  Ask the Lord of the harvest to help you see yourself as he does, a beloved son or daughter, one in whom He accepts fully as you accepted fully His free gift of life…believing upon, clinging to, relying upon and trusting in Jesus Christ as your savior but also as your friend.  The Father’s arms are spread wide open unto you.  The Holy Spirit like a wind is ever ready to demonstrate tangibly that a little piece of heaven will rest upon you right now.  Reflect, accept, and Father I pray you would sow these truths down deep in the souls of all who read these words.  Let them know Daddy that you are love, not a love with expectations, but a Holy and a pure love.  I ask this in Jesus Holy name, Amen.



Horseshoe Tournament

You know how you never really plan to be part of something but then situations arise for which you have no control over and well something amazing just happens? It was that kind of an event where the Lord had a plan for me that I couldn’t really wriggle out of but He still had a blessing in there for us. It was Memorial Day weekend in Pennsylvania, we were camping with my parents at Spring Gulch campground. We had just traveled from our home in Maryland to join up with my parents and were anticipating a wonderful break from the everyday life and in fellowship with my parents. What was particularly special about Memorial Day at Spring Gulch campground in New Holland, PA is the activities they have lined up for the weekend…including a Horseshoe tournament.

I was at the campground site and I was sitting around the table hanging out when my mother said, “Hey Rabon, I have some great news for you.” I said, “What is it?” They said, “We just came back from the campground store and we signed you up to participate in their horseshoe tournament. It is starting soon.” I looked up at my mother and I said with sarcasm in my voice, “Yeah right.” She said grinning mischievously, “No really, we signed you up to participate. The horseshoe pits are just outside. Won’t it be fun?” I said, “No Mom, I don’t want to play horseshoes. Why did you do that?” She said, “Awe come on now honey, we have signed you up and think you’ll have fun playing horseshoes.” I said, “Mom, who did you sign me up with as my partner? – Is Dad, or Beth my partner?” She, now laughing said, “Nobody is your partner, we just signed you up to play as an alternate with anyone who wants to play with you.” Grumbling now, I said, “Awe guys, I don’t want to do this. Can’t we just hang out instead?” Now my wife pipes in and said, “Come on Rabon show some camping spirit, you are going to have fun doing this and we will have fun watching you.” I prayed, “Lord, why are we doing a horseshoe tournament Lord? -This is crazy? I’m not great at playing horseshoes.” The Lord didn’t answer me. I said, “Ok guys I’ll do it. When do we need to go?” Mom said, “In about 20 minutes.”
So I’m praying as I approach the horseshoe pits and a few obvious teams come together. I’m looking around for another single person floating and to where the camp host is to find out who I’ll be partnered with. I’m thinking, “I’m open to doing this Lord, but whenever we get eliminated early, it will be fun to watch other people throw shoes.” I came up to the camp host and introduced myself as Rabon who is an alternate if someone needs a partner. She said, “Sure, you can play with (I will call him Jack).” I went over to Jack and introduced myself.

“Hi Jack, my name is Rabon, looks like I’ll be your partner today.” He said, “Have you ever thrown horseshoes before?” I said, “Sure, my dad is part of a large family, 9 children in total. Throwing horseshoes is part of the activities we would do at our Johnson family reunions. For a time in my life I purchased a set of horseshoes and would practice throwing at home as a hobby. But I’ve got to be honest with you Jack, I haven’t thrown horseshoes for many years now. How about you?” Jack said, “Well I’m more than a casual horseshoe thrower. I have participated in many tournaments all over the place including some in North Carolina, I have been throwing shoes for years and won a few tournaments along the way.” I’m sure that my jaw just dropped open at the time. Jack, recognizing that I was amazed at this said, “It’s going to be a good day, don’t worry about anything. We are going to have fun today.” I said, “Ok” and we walked to the side of the pits where my family had set up some folding chairs to watch the event. Jack’s wife came over and we were all sitting there together.

We were just getting to know each other and learned that Jack and his wife were Christians like we were and it was very cool hearing about their lives. Then Jack said, “Except for this injury that I’ve had to my shoulder, I’ve really been having a lot of fun throwing shoes all of these years.” The Lord spoke in my heart, “Rabon, this is part of the reason that you are participating today.” I said, “You know something Jack, are you experiencing pain in your shoulder right now?” He said, “It is always there a little bit. I had a torn rotary cuff and the doctors’ did surgery on it but I still have pain in there every once in a while and it is distracting for me when I play horseshoes now and then. It is no where near as bad as it once was though.” Now my mother and wife were looking at me with expectations as I said, “You know something Jack, funny that God would put us together today. You see God healed my knees miraculously through the prayers of some devote Christians that have become my friends. I joined them in healing ministry and have participated all over the place where the Lord has healed many people. I believe that God can totally restore your shoulder so that you never feel pain in there again from this day forward. Would you like me to pray with you just now before the tournament begins?” Jack said, “Sure thing.” I said, “Look, you just stay seated right there and I will pray for you as you are.” Jack remained seated. I came over to him, in back of him. I put my left hand on the front of his shoulder and right hand behind and I prayed for complete healing of Jack’s shoulder. While we were praying, I felt power flowing between my hands into his shoulder and the Lord said, “Ask him if he feels that?” Jack said, “I feel heat, almost electricity deep in my shoulder.” I said, “Jack that is the Lord, he is healing your shoulder right now so that it works according to original design. You are going to have a fine throwing arm now and for the rest of your life because he loves you so much. Jack you are his favorite.” We finished praying and Jack moved his shoulder around, then lifted his arm over his head and in every direction. He exclaimed, “My shoulder is completely healed! I don’t feel anything bad in there anymore!” I prayed out loud, “Praise your name Lord, thank you Jesus for a new shoulder for Jack!”

The tournament began. We watched other teams play each other, one by one the field narrowed. Jack was throwing ringer after ringer, sometimes two at a time. I played my best games and was sometimes also getting ringers or a point here and there. It was nearly the final round and we had played our best. We were in the hunt for the championship of the tournament. We were facing the best of the best and went over to introduce ourselves. I met both gentlemen but the Lord highlighted to me one player, Bill, who had an elastic bandage on his forearm. I said, “Bill, what is up with the elastic bandage on your forearm?” Bill said, “I have tennis elbow. I have had it for years. I love to throw horseshoes and after a while of throwing it starts acting up on me.” I said, “Really?” He said, “Yep.” I said, “Bill, I’m a healing evangelist on a volunteer basis, a guy who follows Jesus Christ. I know that God can heal your elbow no problem, would you like me to pray for you right now before we start our final round against each other?” Bill just stood there, his eyes were slightly glazed as he had been drinking but I knew that God had a plan for him just now. Bill said, “Sure that would be fine.” I said, “Now watch, I’m going to pray for you and you will feel heat, maybe even what feels like electricity, I don’t want you to be alarmed Bill, this is normal and I promise you are going to feel better.” Bill looked at me as if I was nuts. (I am used to this.) I said, “Ok, I’m going to put my hand on your elbow right now, and also your forearm now watch.” He was still holding his beer in his hand and I started to pray. I said, “What do you feel in your arm Bill?” He said, “There is heat in my arm, all through my elbow. What are you doing man?” I said, “Look God is healing your elbow because he loves you man.” We stopped praying I said, “Try it out, do something that causes you pain before.” He moved the beer from one hand to another and he started moving his elbow and exclaimed, “This is amazing man.” I said, “Great, but is it perfect yet?” He said, “It is better but no it isn’t perfect.” I said, “Ok, now watch.” I prayed for him again and the Lord intensified the healing and accelerated His work in the elbow and we stopped praying. This time he tried out his elbow and was smiling and he looked at me with surprise and a combination of relief. Then he looked around and saw that the tournament final round was about ready to start. I said, “Bill we can pray until you have no discomfort of any kind.” He said, “No man, thank you so much, but I don’t want to take advantage of you and have an unfair advantage over you in this final round of the tournament.” Confused by this statement I prayed to the Lord, “What Lord? He is being healed and he is concerned about this tournament?” The Lord said, “You have done well my son. He knows I am real in a way that he could not possibly have imagined. He has experienced a taste of heaven, this is enough for him. His life will never be the same, you have done well, now go join Jack for this final round.”

I went back to Jack. We threw our hearts out. It was a bit back and forth but Jack and I ended up winning the horseshoe tournament that day. Because we won the tournament, the award we received was a voucher good for a free weekend of camping that I gladly turned over to my parents because they were the campers and we were the squatters. Looking back at that day, I really never understood why I was going to be signed up to play horseshoes, nor had any understanding of what the Lord had planned for that day.
What an honor to pray for these two gentlemen. Thank you Lord for your grace over my life and the gift of faith and miracles to heal the sick. The kingdom of God solves things through the Holy Spirit that man cannot solve. What a sign and a wonder of our mighty Father. Be the answer to someone else’s prayer today. Someone else was for me and I look forward to many experiences like this to help many more.

Thank you Lord! Thank you Jesus! Thank you for living inside me Holy Spirit!

The Poor in Spirit

“Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”Matthew 5:3

When you read these words spoken by Jesus to the multitudes, what do you immediately think of? If you are like me, I’m thinking, ‘mmm……the poor in spirit, these must be people that don’t know God, right?’ For some reason; at first glance I miss the truth hidden here. Why when I looked at this verse did I only see the poor in the spirit part… as ones who are lost? -unreached people groups. But wait, the 2nd part of the verse says “theirs is the kingdom of heaven!” Now wait just one minute, I want that! Does this verse count for me?

I asked Jesus, “What are you really saying here, who are the poor in the spirit?” He said, “Look up the word ‘poor’ in the Greek Bible. Here is what I discovered with some revelation included:

“Poor” comes from the Greek word, πτωχός {pto-khos’}, from a word that means to crouch. Reduced to beggary, begging for understanding, asking alms of knowledge; destitute of position; lowly before the king. Helpless, powerless to accomplish an end. Needy.

Jesus asked me, “So really, who are the poor in the spirit?” I cried out loud to the Father, “Me Lord! Me!!! I am poor in the spirit! Oh God, It is I!” I continued in pray, “Lord I can do nothing on my own. I need you so much oh God, I am powerless to accomplish anything on my own, Father I am helpless without you.”  Now sobbing I heard in my heart, “With an attitude and humility like that before me, yours indeed my son, yours IS the Kingdom of heaven.”  So I ask you the question, ‘What would being poor in the spirit look like for you?’ I’d say you should ask the Holy Spirit that question:

Sit quietly before the Lord now and be real with Him. Breathe. Close your eyes and ask the Lord something like:

“Father, is there any way, or thought, or part of me where I do not see myself as one who is in need of you? Is there area of my life I have partitioned off where I say to you, ‘Lord I have this covered, I don’t need you in this area of my life?’ “

With sincerity, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you if you have not been one who begs for Him, who pleads for Him, who yearns for Him with all your heart, all your mind, all your strength. Whatever He shares with you, lay it down before the Father and begin contending for His heart with all humility.  Make him your life pursuit, start today.  When you realize the Lord is everything, you will never be dissatisfied. Be poor in the spirit.  Recognize your need for more of Him, beg for Him-Yours is the Kingdom of heaven.

“God resists the proud,
But gives grace to the humble.”

FLO Winter Coat Drive/Wellness Fair

As a service provider for my friend Godfrey’s “FLO” (Friendly Loving Opportunities) I signed up as a volunteer under my Lord inspired Prayz4Life banner. Today was FLO’s Winter Coat Drive/Wellness Fair at the Under Armor House in Baltimore, MD.


Today I had with me two other prayer warriors, John, and James. We entered into the space at 11:00 am and the place was already hopping. Today Godfrey had more than 30 service providers available to provide support for the day. They had an exhaustive area of coats prepared, had food delivered, and tables set up for service providers to help the community. Since we arrived early, Godfrey met me and gave me a huge hug as we greeted each other as friends. He asked me where he would like us to set up, and I knew we needed to be in front…in the front row. As they moved us from the back to the front, I prayed for confirmation and God said in my heart, “Rabon this will be very good.”


John, James and I set up our table and even before the event was to start, God had people come to the table to be healed. The Lord said in my heart, “Tell the people, ‘We are a ministry of miracles, if you come to us today with a pain in your body, God will heal it today right now.’ This will be a distinction amongst any other prayer people that have served before and I will back you up by answering anything you ask of me.” So that is what I did. If anyone came up to the table I said, “We are a ministry of miracles. If you have any pain in your body, you will be healed today, I mean right now this very minute.” As you might be surprised, I had many eyes broaden, jaws drop, and even a few stern looks. Combined together John, James, and I prayed for between 40 and 50 people today. I did not record every miracle that occurred because we were so busy there was no way to do that. Even though as I ministered and asked the names of the people before I prayed for them, I cannot remember the names of these people. Many, many, many people were healed miraculously of many problems. The range of miraculous healings included, hips, knees, backs, neck, and sharp pain in shoulders. At this event, the Lord gave me a word that I put into action as often as He told me to, he said, “Rabon, you carry the presence of God with you now. At any time when you feel called to do so, I want to you ask me to rest heaven upon the shoulders of those who come before you. I will make myself manifest, known to them, in power and they will know it is I the Lord. Whatever you ask for in my Son Jesus’ name will be granted and I will come.” So that is exactly what I did, many, many times, so often I’ve lost track of how often I prayed this prayer. As the Lord said, every person I prayed for to receive His presence did receive him in a tangible way, typically through burning in there heart, or there back, or on their shoulder as the Lord led me to pray for them. Things prayed for where we trust God for the outcomes includes, kidney disease, diabetes, anxiety attacks, nightmares, and a barren womb. The range of blessings we prayed for include prophetic words released, prosperity, new housing, blessing of the Father, blessing of Holy Spirit, blessing of strength, hope, and peace.

Here are some of the standout stories for the miracles that I petitioned heaven for today and God restored them.

A volunteer named Chu-Chu (yes her name is pronounced like the train) had pain in her back at a level of 3 out of 10. I had received a word for her back and asked her about it. We prayed and her pain went to zero; she felt the fire of God in her back as we prayed.
John had prayed with one of the guests of the event whose name was Deborah. When she walked near me I said, “Your back is still hurting you isn’t it?” She turned slowly and looked at me with an expression of great surprise and she said, “How could you know that?” I said, “Mam, that is what God tells me. We are a ministry that prays for the miracle of healing instantly. Do you want your back to be healed now or what?” Her eyes broadened and she smiled as she turned her back instinctively toward me. While she was wearing her coat, the Lord had me place my hand on her lower and middle back and I started praying. While praying, my hands became extremely hot and I said, “Deborah, you feel fire in your back right now don’t you?” She turned her head towards me and I droplet beads of sweat forming on her nose as she said, “Yes! Yes! I feel it!” I said, “Just wait there is more for you now. In Jesus name now fire of God heal the sciatic nerve pain that has been sometimes shooting down her legs right now in the name of Jesus.” And I said, “Do you now feel that as well?” She nodding her head and with excitement exclaimed, “Yes I do!” She said, “I don’t believe this, this is amazing!” We finished praying and she said, “All of my pain is gone!” She cried out to God, “Thank you God!” I exclaimed, “Thank you Lord it is a miracle!” She turned and gave me a big hug, then she ran back over to John and gave him another big hug. It was amazing.
Seconds after Deborah was healed a woman Betty beside me was standing, I said to her. “Your back is hurting too isn’t it?” She nodded in agreement. We prayed, she felt the fire of God in her back and God healed her back.

A woman named Amanda dropped by the booth and we prayed for her knees which were at a 10. We prayed once and her knee pain dropped to an 8. I asked her if she would like us to continue to pray to a zero, (this is the secret to healing ministry), she did not want to continue and so I prayed for her as she left. This confused me, but afterwards I asked the Lord, “Why didn’t she want to continue Lord?” The Lord said, “My son it is because her faith in me to receive healing was stolen from her by the devil. She comes from a culture where God loves but God does not heal. It is another small miracle that she let you pray with her at all my son. You have done nothing wrong. Also, think about how you shared that in Mark chapter 8 Jesus had to pray more than once for a blind man’s eyes to be opened. You have done everything that you could for her. Ask me to provide her with her complete healing before the day is over and you will see her again in heaven…you can ask her about it then.” So I considered it a high honor just to be able to pray with this sister in the Lord.

A man came over and I asked, “You have pain in your knee don’t you?” He said, “Yes, every once in a while it feels unsteady.” I said, “Does it hurt now?” He said, “No something just isn’t right in there.” I said, “It’s ok anyways, let’s pray right as you stand there now.” I knelt and put my hand on his knee and then I prayed for him. While I was praying I felt a bubbling of God restructuring his knee while I was praying. I looked up at him and said, “What do you feel right now?” He said, “My knee is burning hot!” I stood up and said, “That is God! He just wants you to know that He is real. Now watch. I’m going to put my hand on your coat right now and you will feel the presence of God come right into your chest, would that be ok with you?” He said, “Sure.” I said, “Your knee is still buzzing isn’t it?” He said, “Yes it is.” I said, “I know it is weird but it is the Lord, He is going to continue this work on your knee until it is finished because He is just that good. Ok?” He said, “Yes.” I continued, as I placed my hand on his chest, “In Jesus name…presence of God come right now in Jesus’ name.” I said, “What do you feel?” He said, “My chest is burning. It is just as you say. What happened to my knee is now happening in my chest.” I said, “Look, you already have a relationship with Jesus right?” He had the love of Christ in his eyes from the moment he arrived at the table. He said, “Yes I do.” I said, “Just know in your heart now that God is real. He loves you very, very much and He has made himself known to you today alright?” He replied, “Yes, it is good, thank you so much.”

A woman came over to me and I had received a word about pain that she had in her back. I said, “Mam, your back is killing you right now isn’t it?” She replied, “Yes it is.” I said, “Ok let’s pray for your…” She interrupted me and she said, “But I don’t want you to pray for my back I want you to pray for me that I can get pregnant.” In a flash the Lord showed me a movie reminding me of a husband I had prayed with at work. He and his wife had been going through infertility treatments at the time. The Lord instructed me to pray a blessing on this man and his family. Within one month after I prayed for Safwan he received a 5% raise out of the normal cycle for promotions at work because the company said he should be paid more at his salary level after doing a study. Then two weeks after that, Safwan and his wife became pregnant when nothing had been working previously. As quickly as the movie started, it ended in an instant and I was transported back into the Under Armor House in Baltimore. I said, “Sure we will pray for you.” She extended her hands into mine and I prayed, “In the name of Jesus, right now, the assignment of the devil over this woman to give her a barren womb, I command this assignment and curse to be broken right now in Jesus name. The Lord has a special purpose for your offspring that is to be given to the world at this time and season. Your child will be a blessing to the world and you shall become pregnant. In the name of Jesus, womb be opened and receive this child in the name of Jesus. And as a sign of the power of God right now, and we are not even going to change where we are and I am not going to even touch her back right now in the name of Jesus, back be healed right now.” Her eyes popped open and she began to nod in agreement. I continued, “Father let her feel you working, discs be healed in the name of Jesus right now.” To the woman I said, “You are going to feel fire in your back, this is normal and very good, are you ready?” She nodded in agreement. I prayed to God once more, “Let your fire come right now in her back healing it in the name of Jesus. Right now back be healed!” Now the woman’s eyes were wide-eyed looking straight at me and I said, “Do you feel the intensity of this heat?” She nodded in agreement. I replied, “Your back being healed and the fire you feel is from the Lord. He has given you a sign that your womb WILL be opened. You will receive a child as you have requested. The God of heaven IS real and today you have met him in power.” She, tears rolling down her cheeks, said, “Thank you very much. Thank you so much.” Now she gave me a hug and it was a beautiful thing. She walked over to where James was and out of the corner of my eye, I saw James give her a picture bible book for children and another child’s book. I saw him minister to her that what the Lord had put in motion for her was going to happen. I looked in the eyes of my brother John and was fighting back tears because I just knew that Daddy was going to see this through. I look forward to meeting this child. Because while I prayed for the mother’s womb to be opened, I prayed that this child would walk in the fullness of the will of the Lord and would complete everything they were destined to accomplish in their lifetimes for God. I just know that I will someday meet this little one. I saw a man, but I didn’t want to release this to her because that is God’s business and it wasn’t my assignment to release this to her at the time.

A woman named Linda came over to me, I noticed that she wasn’t from the street, she seemed as though she had a home already. I asked her if she had any pain in her body. She replied, “I have a sharp pain here in my shoulder here, it feels like an 8 out of 10, it feels like someone has put a knife in my shoulder.” I said, “God is going to heal that right now, do you want me to pray for you?” She nodded in agreement and she bowed her head. I put my hand on the spot where she had pointed to, and immediately the Lord said to me in my heart, “Son this is a spirit of affliction, pray this off her and she will be healed. Release the scent of roses over her so that the demons leave her alone.” I prayed for her and immediately the pain left and she was healed as her pain was now at zero.
A man, Anthony was a volunteer at the event with FLO ministries. I said, “Anthony, the Lord has gifted me with delivering the presence of God on people, would you like me to pray for you to receive him now?” He said, “Yes, that would be great.” I said, “Watch now, you are going to feel presence, maybe heat and certainly peace are you ready?” He said, “Yes.” We prayed and the Lord entered into his left shoulder. Then the Lord said, I want you to do what you did in the York County fair this year. So I prayed for the power of God to flow across the back of his neck to his other shoulder, then the Lord said, “Now ask for my power to flow down his back from the top of his neck and to radiate out like…” I saw a picture of a leaf with its vanes growing outward to form a full leaf, “…this.” So I asked for the Lord to do just that and I asked Anthony while I was praying if he felt the Lord do just as I requested of Him. He, now smiling just looked at me and he said, “It was exactly as you said.” I said, “The Lord is wooing you now, He is introducing Himself to you in His strength. He is doing exactly what you need Him to so that you will understand that you can carry heaven with you wherever you go. Would you like that? Would you like more of the Holy Spirit?” He said, “Yes, of course.” I said, “Would you like to operate in miracles like Jesus did, where you would pray for the sick when you lay hands on them and they recover?” He said, “Yes I would.” I said, “Ok, let’s pray.” I asked the Holy Spirit to come down and rest upon Anthony as he did with Jesus and so that miracles, signs, and wonders would flow out of His relationship with God to the world.
While I was standing there I noticed the back of the camera man who was right beside me and I said, “Sir, your back is killing you isn’t it?” He said, “Who told you about my back?” I said, “I understand, it is a little weird. But it is hurting right?” He said, “Yes of course.” I said, “Look, I know that you are in the middle of a photo shoot but since you are here, I will pray for you just as you are.” He nodded in agreement. I knew that he thought I was nuts, but I also knew how big my God is and I prayed for him anyways. While God was lighting up his back I asked him, “You feel that don’t you? Where is your pain?” He said, “This is amazing! Tell you what, can you please pray for my son? He has autism and I would like him to be healed.” I turned and said to James and John, “This man’s son has autism and he would like us to pray for his son to be healed, would you please join me in prayer. John shared a testimony of how a man’s mind was healed recently. Then John led us in prayer for his son to be healed right now. It was powerful and amazing. My brother John is so good! He traveled all the way from Philadelphia to be part of this ministry work today. My brother John is from the church I attend, the Barn, a Vineyard Church in Landenburg, PA.

A volunteer Melissa came over to the table and asked us if everything was going alright when I said, this was an amazing day. I said, “You have pain in your back and God’s going to heal that right now. I’m going to put my hand your back right now so you can experience God more manifesting right now, does that sound ok to you?” She said, “Sure.” In the name of Jesus, I prayed that she would feel the manifestation of the power of God in her back and not only to heal her back. I asked for God to cover her all over her back and that is exactly what He did. Then the Lord gave me a word for her and I said, “You are one who is an encourager, you share truths with people and they depend upon you for the truth. You are emboldened to share truth and you need to release with more confidence the words and messages you hear from God because they are meant for people today and I mean now. Don’t shy away from sharing things that you know God wants you to release.” Then she prophesied over me, “You are right that is my gifting. You are one who needs to continue to press into the Lord and also to share and to minister outside of church. You are given power and authority from God and you need to continue to seek opportunities to do so. God has given you many talents to heal and it is the heart of God that you are sharing. You need to keep going, keep going and do not look back. It is not to be in churches, but on the front lines. You need to continue and you will find opportunities to share the power of God.”

Another volunteer came over to me and she asked me if we needed anything to eat. James told her, it is ok, we are good. She looked at me now puzzled and I said, “It is like this, we fast and pray.” Her facial expression changed from puzzled to empowered when she said, “You know Godfrey has been trying to teach us about fasting. I get it.” I said, “Before you go, would you like to experience God?” She said, “Yes.” I said, “I’m going to ask God to rest upon you now to show you how much he loves you, would that be ok with you?” She said, “Sure I always enjoy prayer.” I prayed and asked the father to rest upon her and she was greatly rejuvenated. God is so good.

A woman was standing next to me and I could smell the alcohol on her breath when I said, “Are you hurting anywhere?” She said, “My neck hurts, I have been in three car accidents and my neck hurts all of the time.” I said, “You also struggle with addictions don’t you?” She said, “Yes.” I said, “I know what it is like to come out of alcohol addiction.” I told her, “It was so bad in my situation that I can remember driving home from work and then I blacked out only to awaken and be standing in a store holding two bottles of liquor in my hands trying to decide which one I should buy.” She just looked at me in amazement now. I said, “God healed me of this addiction, it no longer has a grip on my life like it once did.” She was now nodding as if I said something she could deeply relate too when I said, “In addition to your neck being healed today, would you like to be freed from alcohol addiction too?” She nodded and I said, “Ok.” I prayed for her neck and she said that it was better and it wasn’t hurting anymore; we also prayed for the addiction to be broken off her life. Then the best part was the word I received for her. I said, “Mam, you have a name. God calls you by your name. You are not useless, you have a great purpose, you mean the world to the Lord and the world needs you. I want you to know that your life has great value and purpose. Everyone who has ever told you otherwise was lying and they do not know the truth. There is hope and purpose for your life. You were never meant to stay down forever. I want you to know that you are going to take positive steps forward into abundant life and peace now in the name of Jesus. At that moment, it is like someone broke every chain off this woman and her posture improved, her confidence was restored and she had hope with peace return to her heart. It was so good.

A woman was standing against the wall and I said, “Your knee is killing you isn’t it?” She didn’t skip a beat when she said, “Sure is they say it’s the arthritis but I don’t know.” The Lord said, “She doesn’t trust you to pray for her by laying your hands on her but you don’t need to my son.” I said, “I’m going to pray for your knee to be healed right now as you are and I will not come near you. Watch and see.” In the name of Jesus …Amen. When I finished praying I asked her, “Do you feel heat inside your knee right now?” With surprise on her face she said, “My knee feels better, thanks for praying for me!”
A woman came up to the front of our table and while she was filling out my contact sheet I said, “Mam, how is your knee?” She said, “Really I have sharp pain in my knee that goes into the pelvic bone right here.” I said, “Look because you are a lady you put your hand near your private parts where it hurts, I will put my hands one on your knee and the other on your elbow. Watch and see that God is going to heal you right now.” We prayed, I felt power exit my hands and we only had a moment to pray. I asked her if it was completely healed yet and she said, “It is better.” But in my heart I heard, “It is not completed yet.” I then prayed as she walked away from the table, “Father please heal her and make her completely restored.” Then I put it out of my mind. After we had jumped in the car on the way home James said, “I wanted to tell you something. Do you remember the lady that you prayed with who had pain in her pelvic bone and her knee? The one you prayed with and that she wasn’t completely healed in front of you?” I said, “Sure James I remember.” He said, “I wanted to tell you that she came back to the table. It was great Rabon, I saw her dancing to the music out on the floor with a bunch of people having a really good time. She ran back to the table all excited and she wanted to tell you about it but you were busy with someone else, she was completely healed and all of the pain had left her body.” I said, “Thanks James, I was confused why she wasn’t completely restored, I wanted to pray another time but she didn’t want to. It really means a lot to me to know that she was completely restored. I knew God had this but you know I like to see the miracle through to its conclusion.” James replied, “Sure no problem.”

A woman had come over to our table and the Lord said, “Her back is hurting.” I said, “Lord, another back? Is this the day for backs?” He didn’t answer me. I said, “Mam is your back hurting?” She had put her hands out to me to pray when she stopped and said, “What?” I said, “Is your back hurting?” She paused, retracted her hands and she said, “No but my sister, her back is hurting.” Thinking that she wasn’t here at the event today I said, “No problem we can pray that her back is healed.” She said, “She is here with me today. I will go get her and see if she wants you to pray for her.” So after a short time this lady came back with her sister. Her sister was younger than her but I would guess she was in her early twenties. I said, “I heard that your back is hurting, is that true.” With a great deal of skepticism she said to me, “Uh-huh,” eyeing me up with great unbelief in her heart she said, “What are you thinking about now?” I said, “Oh that is easy, I will pray for your back and God will heal your back right now. How does that sound?” She replied, “Wait, who are you going to pray to?” I replied, “Jesus Christ…is that ok with you?” With tremendous skepticism, she replied, “Sure that would be ok.” I put my hand on her back while she stared off into space in front of her, “In Jesus name, back be healed right now. Pain go to a zero so that she has no pain right now in the name of Jesus.” I said, “What are you feeling right now?” She said, “I feel a deep heat in my back right now.” I said, “That is God, he loves you so much, he just wants you to know that. How does your back feel right now?” She replied, “All of my pain is gone,” as her jaw was slightly dropped open still. Just then her sister breaks in and she says, “I want you to pray for me. I have anxiety and I take medicine for it. Also, please pray that my business starts doing really well.” I said, “Sure.” Then the Lord gave me a word for her. I said, “This anxiety that you are now experiencing is something that your mother and grandmother both had trouble with didn’t they?” Now the back healed sister is just looking at me, her jaw is dropped open even more in unbelief. And the eldest sister nodded in agreement, when I continued and said, “This is not hereditary, this is a generational curse. A generational curse is when someone in your family line denies or wants to have absolutely nothing to do with God. Because they reject God and live a life completely outside of the Lord, this opens them up to being tormented. One way that a family is tormented is through spirits of fear and anxiety. These spirits work hand in hand to torment their pray. But since this is a generational curse, the power of God can destroy these works in your life and free you once and for all; would you like to receive prayer for this today?” She said, “Yes.” We petitioned the Lord to heal her and for the evil spirits to depart far from her.  Then her sister said to me, “How much do I owe you for praying for the healing in my back?”  Thoroughly confused by this statement, with a sincerely puzzled look on my face I replied, “Nothing, freely I have received, freely I give.  This costs nothing.  Ok?”  Somehow startled but thankful she said, “Ok, thanks.”  -Later I shared this last interaction with James and he told me, “In the culture of some churches, when someone gives a word of prayer the person has to pay for it.  This has been happening for centuries.”  I felt so naive, “Really, I can’t believe it.”  James continued, “Oh yeah, some churches have been doing this practice of praying for prayers for centuries.  For example, they would have a chart for prayers for sins to be released off you, for every sin a different charge.  Afterwards the person who prayed for you would tally up your prayer bill and the recipient would pay the bill.  In some church cultures, this is how they make their money.”  I replied, “Unbelievable James!  Freely we receive, freely we are to give.”  James said, “I know Rabon, some churches have really messed this up.”  Nodding now I replied, “Indeed they have.  I can’t believe it.  That is too bad.  Unreal.”

The last memorable miracle I remember, we were getting ready to start wrapping up the work whenever a woman with a baby in a stroller came over to me. It was getting late in the day. I said, “Mam, do you need prayer for anything? I know you have trouble with your back.” She said, “It isn’t hurting now, but sure you can pray for it. You mean, pray as if on a prayer chain right?” I said, “No, I mean like we pray and right now through a creative miracle of God he heals your back in seconds as we pray together. I mean that kind of prayer.” As I spoke this, her eyes almost glossed over as if she was seeing a ghost. I said, “Seriously, God healed my knees in 20 minutes after 5 surgeries. We pray right now and you will be healed. Do you want us to pray?” She said, “Sure, but I’m worried that my daughter will run off.” I said, “That’s no problem, just pick her up right now, you can hold her while we pray it is no problem at all.” So Danielle picked up her daughter and I placed my hand on the small of her back and we began to pray. I said, “Lord it is not my power, this is you, in the name of Jesus, let your healing fire come into Danielle’s back as a sign of your love for her right now. Back be healed, discs grow in the name of Jesus right now. Thank you for a brand new back in the name of Jesus.” I felt power and heat radiating through my hand into her lower back when I asked, “What do you feel?” She replied, “I feel intense heat in my lower back right now, it is deep and it is very good.” I replied, “Danielle, this is God. He wants you to know that He is real and He loves you and He is with you.” She was very grateful, she thanked me.  James gave her a children’s video and a bible from the materials we were sowing into the community and they walked away.

I have been blessed with many seed materials from another ministry for giving away at these events.  Many bibles, literature, new testaments, books of John, videos, children’s bibles, book marks.  We also had a lot of wordless book bracelets that we gave away and shared the gospel message with folks.  I also gave a away an array of foam crosses for people to have in remembrance of the day.  These events are meant to raise the hope of those hurting and poor in the spirit.  We offer ourselves, not to boast in ourselves, but as living sacrifices to the Lord in service to King Jesus.  He paid the ultimate price for our freedom from death, both in the present time and also at the end of our time when we die.  But for those whose lives are secured by their faith in Jesus Christ, they shall never die.  Even though they may pass away from this life into the next, they will always live a life filled with joy, peace, compassion, and wholeness.  We are seated with the Father in heaven right now, we have a duel citizenship one of earth and also of heaven at the same time.  Our hope is to spread the good news of Jesus Christ freely in power and with the heart of God.  If you have never put your trust in Jesus as the Lord of life, today is the day of your salvation.  None of these healings, nor signs, nor wonders would be possible without the jaw dropping power of God.  Were it not so I would not have told you this.  To live like there is no God makes you a fool.  Choose life, choose love, choose Christ.  Freely receive the good that God intends for your life, a life designed to be highly favored by the Lord; but only you can take that first step of dependence upon him.  Without him you will surely die, but in God and through Jesus Christ only you will most assuredly live!

Many more things happened and I am only speaking for myself.  At times we were overrun with opportunities to pray in ministry.  The harvest was great.

My Physician is Healed

I went to the doctor’s office today for a normal check up. She told me, “I’m very happy because all of your blood work looks wonderful.” She said, Look, your glucose has come down, your tryglicerides, your weight is dropping and your blood pressure is very healthy right now, keep doing what you are doing.” I told her, “The reason that this is happening is because God is healing me from the inside out. He is giving me a new way to live and to eat and to exercise.” I also told her, “God loves you so much. He wants to see her walk in the power of God. Since the father is the great physician as a physician she can pray for those who are her patients and see God heal them.”

Then in a vision I saw the Lord show me to put my hand on her shoulder. I said, “Come closer if you want to experience the good the Lord has personally for you today.”

Well as I was sitting on the examination bench, she drew near and I said, “Can I put my hand on your shoulder?” She said sure and she bowed her head. I said, “Father in the name of Jesus, Heaven Come and rest on my sister show her right now in the name of Jesus.” I felt power manifest on on her shoulder and I said “Do you feel that?” And she nodded in agreement. And I said, “Now watch,” and I put my hand on her lower back and I pray for her back to be healed and for the presence of God to be felt on her lower back. And then for some reason I prayed that the pain that was shooting down through her legs would stop in the name of Jesus. And she just looked at me as I said, “How do you feel?” And she said, ” I feel nothing” while she was smiling. I thought, “Now that’s just weird, why is she smiling if she has felt nothing?”

And she said, “You don’t know I was in a car accident and my shoulder lower back and my legs were aching constantly and all the pain is gone. How can this be?”

I said, “The Lord is wooing you to himself. He wants you to know who he is and to live in a place of power.” She said to me, “Rabon you are a Chosen One you are chosen for this, God has called you to this purpose.” And I said, ” I don’t know about that but he is walking with me and he lives in me. I try to keep the Commandments of Christ and I walk with him. And he’s made his house and me. He Lives In Me. And his desire is to live and all Christians in the same way. It’s not meant to be just for one or two special people. It’s the same Holy Spirit he lives in you he lives in me. Would you like to receive the same gift that I have and to do the greater things that Jesus said he would have us do because he would go to be with the father and if we ask anything in his name it would be done so the Father in Heaven would be glorified?” And she said, “yes I would.” And so I just held her hands and we prayed, the presence of God was still , was heavy, thick, and great in that room. He came and he laid himself upon her shoulders and strengthen her and she knew it was him. I told her I was going to write a book and I’ve been working on it and she said, ” I want to buy it and she said you have to sign a copy for me and I will read it and I will be so happy to do so. ” And she said her mother has been telling her about healing work in her chrch in Florida and the work that the Lord has been doing.

I happen to have a book by Randy Clark on healing and I shared the title with her and suggested her to read it. When I said , “you really can’t go wrong learning from Randy Clark.” I just wanted to share this incredible and unexpected miracle with you all today. My physician was healed and I didn’t see it coming. God is so good. God is so great. God is so wonderful and so incredible. What an honor to pray for my physician today. The great physician loved her to life more abundantly!

What Church Do Attend?

I get this question all of the time friends.  I’ve been in churches all of my life.  We have been in many churches since getting married.  But since God healed my knees in a miracle, we continued our journey of faith at house churches, like the new testament church was modeled after.  House churches work and I believe strongly in this kind of ministry.  The Lord has made it clear to me that we needed to join a church fellowship, “to be from somewhere.”  We have joined a church fellowship in Landenburg, Pennsylvania in the summer of 2018.

I am an attendee of this church, I am not on staff in any way.  In fact because of life stuff you may not see us there every Sunday, although that is not our wish.  It is our desire to fellowship with these believers and it is my heart to love them all very well.

I do participate in some of the healing ministry on Sunday afternoons and during what they call Holy Spirit nights which happen at least monthly.  This is a teaching church and if you are in the area, I do recommend attending it.  “IT IS WORTH THE DRIVE FOR A CHURCH THAT’S ALIVE !” a friend once told me.

Here is a link to the church’s website.  It is a great place to fellowship, to love, and to grow!

The Barn Vineyard Church
3224 Appleton Rd
Landenberg PA 19350

Join us Sunday’s at 10am if you are in the area.

I do recommend that you be part of some fellowship with like minded believers.  In your discovery process with the Lord you want to find a church that represents a community which embraces the power of the Holy Spirit; described in I Corinthians 12-14.  I’ve lumped 13 in there because it is the love chapter.  The Lord has told me that the bookends of this church and ministry need to be filled with love and I see this as an essential mark of any fellowship of believers.

Qualifications:  You want to participate where the Lord leads you but you need to see the fruit of the spirit and the power of the Holy Spirit at work balanced with the word of God being preached.  If the fellowship believes in miracles but you never see anyone pray for another person and no miracles are reported ever, then I would say that you need to keep looking for another church body.  You will know they are Christians by their love.  You need to see an inherent acceptance of one another where they put the needs of each other above their own.

Help, I Can’t Get to a Vibrant Church!