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Welcome! God has given us FAITH & POWER to contend for your MIRACLE TODAY! We have a vibrant personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Let us show you how to experience LIFE overflowing with supernatural peace and health.

Through the gift of Relationship…
For this is how much God loved the world—he gave his one and only, unique Son as a gift. So now everyone who believes in him will never perish but experience everlasting life.” -John 3:16 (The Passion Translation)

…You Can Experience Abundant Life:
“7 As you go, proclaim this message: ‘The kingdom of heaven has come near.’ 8 Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give.” – Matthew 10:7&8 (NIV)

I have helped many people overcome disease, physical limitations with pain, emotional pain, broken hearts, addictions, fear, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and uncontrollable habits. Even overcoming feeling of things that scare you or torment you at night, incluFoundations of TruthFoundations of Truthding nightmares.

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Word of Testimony

Rabon and Beth Johnson, married for 25 years. We work in the education and business mountains so that we are not a burden to anyone at this time. Devoted parents, practical life coaches, group leaders, speakers, and mentors for people on their journey with God.

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The Father Loves You…Let Him

I am amazed how completely the Lord our Father loves people in the world.  Jesus is the author and perfecter of my faith (Hebrews 12:2).  I am most reminded of the totality of his love from scriptures like John 3:16…

16 For God so greatly loved and dearly prized the world that He [even] gave up His only begotten (unique) Son, so that whoever believes in (trusts in, clings to, relies on) Him shall not perish (come to destruction, be lost) but have eternal (everlasting) life.
– John 3:16 (Amplified Classic Version, biblegateway.com)

I love the language of this version where belief in Jesus is a complete ‘trust in’ Him, that He is real, that He is Good, that He is the resurrected Son of God given as a gift for all people.  I love the ‘cling to’ aspect of this same word, where we are holding hands with, walking beside, clutching onto Jesus as our life and peace.  Finally, ‘relies on’, where we as children are desperately dependent upon Jesus for our very life.

Oftentimes, the gift of John 3:16 is given without the promise of purpose…read John 3:17 of this same version of scripture:

17 For God did not send the Son into the world in order to judge (to reject, to condemn, to pass sentence on) the world, but that the world might find salvation and be made safe and sound through Him. – John 3:17 (Amplified Classic Version, biblegateway.com)

Jesus didn’t come ‘to reject, to condemn, to pass sentence on’ us, but instead that we might find salvation and be made safe and sound…does that seem like someone to fear?  I think not…but the manifestation of fear is EXACTLY what we observed this week.  I have a story to tell you, one that is really tragic.

A close friend of mine has been ministering to a man for many years.  He has shared His faith in Jesus and has prayed countless hours for his salvation.  I too have poured myself into him to try to help him see that the path of Jesus being life and peace is given to him as gift from God, He is not a curse.  I will call him Sam, but that is not his real name.

After our bible study, we encountered Sam in the hallway.  The sun shown brightly from outside into the hallway space, it destroyed the dark shadows of this space as a prophetic sign of the power and holiness of God being present with us.  When Sam entered the intersection of the connecting hallways, I could see a blend of curiosity and anxiety and unrest all wrapped up inside his heart.  One of our brothers said to him, “Your birthday is on September 16th, does that mean anything to you?”  Sam shaken, now said, “Now that isn’t funny, that is REALLY strange!”  Before we came into the hallway, one of my brothers in Christ said he had this encounter with Sam earlier.

I will share this account now…

Sam came into the room, we were talking about other things and he said, “Do you know when my birthday is?”  My brother asked God, the Lord said, “Say September.”  So He said, “September…,” Sam’s eyebrows raised, he paused and said, “…16th, right?”  Sam was amazed!  He said, “It is September 15th! How did you do that?”  My brother said, “God deposited in my heart September, I heard that word…I should have asked him what day but the I knew it was close to the 16th.”  Sam, amazed and in awe at this, was noticeably shaken up by this encoutner with the living God. 

In our bible study, my brother shared this testimony with us about Sam and how God had spoken to show Sam that He cared greatly for him as to tell another Christian something so intimate about his life that no one could possibly know.  We had just come down the stairs when we encountered Sam as a group.

Sam had a look of desperation today that I have not seen in him as of late.  For no reason that I could tell, he seemed keenly interested in trying to explain away how he has read that medical doctors cannot explain how a person or illness will be healed on its own.  Then he would contrast this with a thought opposite to this.  His second thought led into another and He said, something like, “But I know other Christians that rely on God to heal them of cancer and then, well, they just died.  What does that mean?”  Then followed that with, “And why are kids born with cancer and die, huh? -I don’t want to have anything to do with that kind of a God!”  I’m thinking about what He is saying and the Lord said to my heart, “Son, Sam is searching for me desperately, but He cannot find me.  The only way to break through to him is to demonstrate my power.  If you pray for him and invite my kingdom to come upon him, I will make myself manifest to him with peace that he cannot understand.”  In that moment I saw my hand rest upon his shoulder in an open dream, then ‘poof’ the vision ended.

I said, “I agree with you Sam.  But I will tell you, God didn’t put cancer in those kids at all, satan did.”  One of my other brothers piped in and agreed with, “Satan is the destroyer.”  Another brother said, “And we can hate ourselves into illness, if we live our lives in constant rebellion towards God doing whatever we want to anyone for our own selfish desires.”  Finally I said, “I agree with my brothers, but there is a better way; we can be free and receive peace…this comes through a right relationship with God that is intentional through our belief in and relationship with Jesus.”  At this, Sam, quipped, “But I like to fornicate!  If I do this, I have to give up fornication, and THAT is something I do not wish to do!  No way!”

In my heart, I cried out to God, “Lord He is missing it entirely!  You want relationship with him!  Oh God, what can we do to help him?”  Then my brother said to Sam, “So here is the thing Sam, don’t think about what you have to give up.  What if what you hold onto so intently isn’t really life at all?  If you had a chance to see things as they are, you would find that you would not be so bound to this desire.  I know that it may seem like that lifestyle brings life to you, but I can assure you that it does not.”

Then Sam, started to oppose this last statement and the Lord said, “Do not tolerate this open rebellion, ask him if you can pray for him.  The devils inside him want to defend themselves.  Watch and see what happens now, I will guide you.  All of your brothers are praying now for this man and they want him to know the love and power of God.” I said, “Sam, its easy, watch, let me pray for you now.  If I introduce you to God through prayer and you feel His peace, you cannot deny that he is real.”  I took a 1/2 step towards him with my hand outstretched and he took a 1/2 step back at the same time and he exclaimed, “No, I’m scared!  I’m afraid!  I don’t want you to do that!”  I said, “Why?”  He replied, “I want to go on living my life EXACTLY like I have been.”  (Mind you he is on countless medications and has real illness he daily battles, he is not at peace and the Lord is wooing him to himself.  The battle for his heart is a real one and the Lord would not be moved.)  He replied, “I love to Fornicate,” again.  I said, “Brother, if you think that we don’t have the same urges after we received Christ as we did before you are wrong.”  He just looked at me.  He said, “You mean that you still have the same desires after receiving Christ?”  Now he is puzzled and he said, “I thought that all Christians were like, not the same after receiving Jesus in there hearts.”  My brother said, “We have learned that although our bodies still want to do what they used to do before we placed our faith in God, that those old ways of living were really, like, ‘fake life.’  They were actually not fulfilling and didn’t make us feel any better.  Whenever we gave our hearts to Jesus we experienced an unimaginable acceptance, abundant life and peace for the first time.”  I said, “Yes, and we learned that the old ways of living were really a ruse to keep us separated from the love of God.  Sam, I feel the power of God in my life all of the time.  He gives me life and he gives me peace and He gives me health.  After you receive Jesus in your heart, you do not become a Jesus Zombie!  Man that is when life just begins.”  My other brother said, “Look, what if what you have been chasing after all of this time is actually meaningless?”  Sam looked at him with a puzzled expression on his face.  I then replied, “And, Jesus doesn’t expect you to change overnight.  He will guide you along a path where all things that don’t help your relationship will make sense to you to break away from your way of living.”

Then Sam dug his heals in once more and the Lord said, “Rabon, it is time to stop tolerating the devils here and do what I have called you to do.”  I said, “Sam, here is the thing, why do you think when I said I would pray for you that you were afraid?”  He had no reply except, “I do not want to change.”  I said, “Don’t you think that the things that are guiding your life now don’t want you to experience God because they want to control your life still?”  He said, “No, I am the one who wants to control my own life.”  The Lord said, “Put an end to this now Rabon.”  I said, “Ok Sam, my faith is greater, and God’s love for you is more powerful than your desire for me not to pray.  Now watch, I don’t even have to touch you.”  Sam had tremendous fear in his eyes now and you could see the inner torment as the powers which had a hold on him were fighting with great fury to keep him at bay.  I prayed, “Father, in the name of Jesus right now, let your Kingdom come right now on Sam.  Father show Him that it is not my power Lord but it is your power now in Jesus’ name.”  At this, as Sam stood there, his legs began to tremble.  The Lord said, “Keep going Rabon, I am breaking through, but just a little more.”  I continued, “In Jesus name, power of God fall right now on Sam to show him that you are real Lord, right now, let your peace rush in.”  At that, as Sam stood, his legs violently began shaking and it was now affecting his ability to stand still.  He said again while still shaking, “But I’m scared.  I don’t want to leave my life.  I want to do anything I want and I don’t want the Lord.”

The Father said in my heart, “Well done, release Him.”  I prayed, “Father thank you for coming today and showing Sam just how much you love him.  In the name of Jesus, Amen.”  Then I said nothing further and Sam’s legs began to slow then stopped shaking and he was at rest.

I said, “Sam, God loves you.  Why do you feel drawn to us?”  He shrugged his shoulders in silence.  I said, “It is simply because we carry the kingdom of God with us.  You are drawn to God because He is pursuing you.  We will leave it at this, you know that we are faithful believers in the Lord.  If you ever decide to ask Jesus in your heart, you can talk to any one of us and we will pray with you so that you can find rest in him.  We will not pursue you further on this.”  He said, “I would appreciate that, and sighed in relief.”  I said, “But all of this today was because God loves you and he wants you to know that He is real and not to be afraid of, God loves you Sam.”

…I wish I had a better ending of this story.  We could see how the devils were holding Sam at bay.  Although we did what we could to help him and obeyed the voice of the Lord in our hearts to help this man.  Ultimately each person needs to make their choice.  Romans 5:8 says, “8 But God shows and clearly proves His [own] love for us by the fact that while we were still sinners, Christ (the Messiah, the Anointed One) died for us.” – Amplified Classic Version Biblegateway

Jesus knew what He was getting when He died for us.  He took all of the suffering that we should have experienced and supernaturally stripped it away from us for all eternity.  Have you ever really thought about this before?  Jesus is the perfect gift from the Father.
The Example of Jesus Christ
6 He existed in the form of God, yet he gave no thought to seizing equality with God as his supreme prize.  7 Instead he emptied himself of his outward glory by reducing himself to the form of a lowly servant. He became human! 8 He humbled himself and became vulnerable, choosing to be revealed as a man and was obedient. He was a perfect example, even in his death—a criminal’s death by crucifixion!
9 Because of that obedience, God exalted him and multiplied his greatness! He has now been given the greatest of all names!
10 The authority of the name of Jesus causes every knee to bow in reverence! Everything and everyone will one day submit to this name—in the heavenly realm, in the earthly realm, and in the demonic realm. 11 And every tongue will proclaim in every language: “Jesus Christ is Lord Yahweh,”[h] bringing glory and honor to God, his Father! -Philippians 2:6-11 (The Passion Translation, biblegateway.com)

So I ask you this question in closing.  Do you some day want to face Jesus as your friend, or not in the end of time?  Oh how much better for you to face him as friend at the end of your days!  Eternity, life can begin for you right now.

If you have never believed in, trusted in, relied upon, or clung to Jesus as life before…today is the day of salvation!  If you pray to God something simple as this “God I know that you are real.  I believe that you sent Jesus to earth to die a criminal’s death for me.  I believe that he died, was buried, and rose again on the 3rd day.  I want Jesus to take away all of the things I wish I never did and some things I haven’t done away from my life.  Heal my broken heart God.  I ask Jesus for you to come into my heart and into my life right now.  I want to live with you forever.  Amen”

If you’ve prayed this from your heart and you meant it, I have great news for you, You, Yes You, have received Jesus as savior and when you meet him in heaven you will face him as your friend.  If you’ve prayed this prayer today, drop me an email.  I want to hear from you and to encourage you in the next steps you should take to get to know this precious friend that will never leave you and who petitions the Father God on your behalf.

I’m going to pray for you right now to receive all the Lord has in store for you.  “Father, in the name and by the shed blood Jesus, right now, for this one, because you love this child.  Holy Spirit descend upon them now and rest inside their hearts now as a sign of your love.  Father, in the name of Almighty Jesus, be exulted Lord!  Thank you for this tender heart who has just confessed their faith in you Lord.  Father let them trust only in you from this point forward Lord.  In the name of Jesus I cast out every fear and break every curse spoken over their lives or words said to them which are not consistent with your heart oh God!  In the name and through the blood of Christ, break every foe and cast down every high imagination which sets itself against the knowledge of God in their lives right now in Jesus name.  I curse every curse spoken against them and cast all fear, all anxiety, and all feelings of hopelessness away right now in Jesus name.  Father I release faith, hope, love.  I release your favor, your heart, your love over their lives.  In the name and by the blood of Jesus Christ I break every form of evil which once ruled their hearts and now precious Jesus I release your love, power, and sound mind in Jesus’ mighty, mighty name.  Thank you God for your tender mercies concerning this one.  Thank you for your friendship, your salvation, your peace and your understanding.  Thank you that when they read your scripture starting in the new testament in John that the pages will come to life and they will have understanding of your heart Lord in the name and by the shed blood of Jesus.  Thank you God that you are the God of restoration and to be glorified.  I give you all of the blessings, honor, and praise God forever and ever Amen.

Miracles at a Nursing Home

With our School of Kingdom Ministries class I knew we were going to have a night of favor and presence with God. Whenever I prayed and asked the Lord what would we be used for tonight? The Lord said, “I want you to encourage some of the residents, but more than the residents, I want you to serve the staff. As a class we had different roles and the class leader ministered a message of encouragement. My wife and I, our part was to lead the group in a hymn sing in two sets where I would sing while my wife played the piano. So I sang some songs that were part of the program and afterwards with all of the ministry (including some skits and a presentation by one of the students with a painting she made during our session together) the Lord placed me on my path.

I looked for my wife, but I saw her with two elderly women and the Lord said to my heart, “Rabon, Beth is on assignment. It is time for you to move in power with the other assignments I have planned for you tonight.”

I went over to the table where I saw some of the staff was seated and the Lord prompted me to just say, “Hi.” I took my time and explained who I was even though I had sang the songs. And the Lord said, “On your phone right now, bring up your website.” I brought it up and I set it on the table. Then I gave my testimony of how God healed my knees and explained that I walk in Ministry that fulfills the power and love of God in real time. Then the Lord said to my heart, “Have them hold hands and form a circle.” I shared this with them and we held hands together. While we were starting to hold hands to form a circle, I asked, “Does pretty much every staff member here have a relationship with God?” They nodded in agreement and I said, “Oh good, this is going to be amazing!” While we held hands, I asked for God to come in to fill those who were in attendance with me in that circle. What was completely wild was during the prayer I felt power leave my hands to the left and the right. And then the Lord said, “Ask them a question: ‘Who feels power entering in their bodies like tingling sensation?’” And the young lady to my right said, “I feel it right now, and it is strong.” The young man across from me said, “Oh my! I feel it.” And the girl to my left said, “I feel it a little bit.” And then I said now watch and then I asked the father to greatly come in the name of Jesus with the power of Holy Spirit. At that moment I scarcely could stand still as power left me to the left and the right and I asked each one in the circle what they experienced. Each one expressed an incredible experience of tingling in their bodies which they couldn’t understand. The girl to my left exclaimed, “Oh my God! I can’t believe this what is happening!” I told them all you are now experiencing firsthand what it means to be wooed by the God our Father.” They were amazed and in awe. Then the Lord said, “Ask the resident if she has pain in her neck.” So I asked her and she confirmed it as true. Then I put my hand on her neck to help her and the Lord showed me that I needed to ask each one of the staff members to do the same. I asked each one, and the power of God came through each one of them. One by one each one felt power of God working through their bodies and their hands got hot. Then I said to them, “The Lord wants you to know that the same Holy Spirit that lives inside of me, lives inside of you. You have love and a compassionate heart. It is through love and compassion that the miracles, signs, and wonders with healings of Jesus were made possible. Without love and compassion nothing happens and nothing matters. Because you have both, you will see great moves of God here at work. Be encouraged that God could use your little life to make a world of difference right here and right now!”

Just then, the Lord said, “They need a break from you because this is much greater than they could imagine.” I said, “Ok Lord, what is our next assignment?” Then the Lord said, “Rabon, do you see the two women near the edge of the room? The ones that your wife was talking with? Go over there and talk with them.” So I sat over by them and we had a little small talk. While I was talking with them, the Lord said, “Rabon, tell them about your healing.” So I told them the miracle of how God healed my knees, along with my website and the Lord said, “It is time to bless them with my presence.” So I said, “Ladies, can we pray together?” The ladies said in unison, “Sure.” I held each of there hands as I sat beside them and I began to pray. As I prayed, I felt the raw power of God cover each of the women like a blanket and felt power leaving my hands when I said, “Ladies, do you feel that? It is like a blanket of love that you can’t understand?” They both nodded and then I said, “Amen.” I then said, “How do you feel?” They both said reluctantly, “Oh my, that was great.” The Lord indicated to go further, so I said, “Would you like to experience more of the power of God right now? There is more for you if you want it.” They both extended their hands to me. Then I went to the back of one of the ladies as if to put my hand on just her shoulder first and the Lord said, “No my son, both of these women need me. I will rock them both, just wait and see what I have planned for them!” I said, “Of course, Lord.” I said, “Ladies, if it ok with both of you I will put my hand on both of your shoulders now like this.” They nodded in agreement and I prayed, “Lord in the name and by the blood and by the power of Jesus name right now, bring more of your presence right now Lord so that they are aware of you. Father, your kingdom come, Lord, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven right now Lord.” Then one of the ladies cried out, “Oh my, I think the nodule in my shoulder is shrinking just now!” Then the Lord said in my heart, “Get the attention of all of the resident staff right now and call them over to you.” I waived at them and the came over. I said, “Guys, God has revealed that this lady’s shoulder is messed up and through your prayers tonight, she is going to be healed.” They all looked at me, I said, “Layer your hands upon her shoulder and you can pray something like…” They all prayed, then I said to the woman, “Try out your shoulder now in Jesus’ name.” She moved her hand up over her head for the 1st time in many years and exclaimed, “This is a miracle!” We all celebrated as God restored the original design use of her shoulder right before our eyes. I thanked each person for praying and believing that God could do this through them.

Then as I was about to call it a night, I saw two of my sisters ministering to a lady and then the Lord said, “Son, you need to intercede in prayer with this lady, when you do she will be healed and both of your sisters will be encouraged to continue ministry.” I said to the woman, “Would you like to experience the power of God tonight?” She just looked at me. I said, to my two sisters in the School of Kingdom Ministry class to each hold one of her hands. The Lord revealed the scripture to my heart, “If you forgive the sins of a person, their sins will be forgiven; yet if you do not forgive the sins of a person, their sins will not be forgiven.” With that, the Lord revealed to me that the arthritis in this lady’s hands stemmed from a heart of unforgiveness. While each of the class members held the residents’ hands I put my hands on her shoulders and prayed for her. When it came time to do so, the Lord revealed to me that arthritis for this lady was connected directly to unforgiveness in her heart. So I forgave her sins while we prayed and I asked the Lord to forgive those who sinned against her so that she could be free. After that we prayed for the raw presence of the Lord to live in her. He came in power and when we said, “In Jesus’ name, Amen.” I looked at this woman and I saw the countenance of an angel. She had light, hope, and joy in her eyes. This was all too wonderful for me, what a joy to be used for the kingdom of God in this way. Thank you Lord, Thank you Jesus, Thank you Holy Spirit!

You’ve Got Mail



There was a woman that I had been ministering to. I knew her from work and together, we were helping her husband overcome some nightmares. This event occurred through email of all things.

I received an email from this lady and she said, “I’m laying here on the couch in great pain. My stomach is been killing me for several hours and I cannot move.”

When I read this email I thought, ‘well I’m going to pray for that.’ And then the Lord prompted me to write out a prayer for this.  I replied to her email, thinking, “I hope she get’s this soon, I don’t have her phone number.”  I hit send.

In the message, the Lord said, to instruct her to pray the prayer out loud to the Lord and to tell the spirit of affliction to be bound and leave.

Then in a couple of minutes the Lord said, “Send her another email asking her how she feels now.” Ok, Lord…I sent this message.

Then I received an immediate reply!  It’s own miracle because this was before you could see people’s on-line activity being active.  In her note She said, “I read the email out loud and prayed to God the prayer. At the moment of my prayer, all the pain left!”

In tears of joy now, praising God, I replied with one last message, “See what God will do when you request of him with belief in your heart that he can do with thing? I said I’m so happy for you!”

She replied seconds later, “Thank you so much for believing and challenging me to take  a step in faith and to ask this thing I never thought was possible!”

The Lord told me and my heart. “My people perish for lack of knowledge. My people just don’t know how much I love to answer their prayers and requests. I move today with great power that most have no understanding exists for them. And I want to show myself to the world.”

To God I replied, “Father, it is my honor to tell the whole world how amazing you are!  I will share your goodness and mercies to the extents of the world where you send me.  I will do this for the rest of my life to bring you honor and glory to your name.  Send me anywhere, I will share this message of your love and power which has been hidden in plain sight Lord.  I will never stop telling your testimonies, for the rest of my life.  I will do this for you, send me! ”

Dear Christian, if you have not been exposed to the raw power of God to heal or perform miracles, know that He is only a faithful prayer away.  Will you now consider,  God will move heaven in earth if you just ask him in faith through prayer.  Ask anything in the name of the son of God, Jesus, and in accordance to His will, He will answer.  All authority on heaven and earth has been given to Jesus, greater things than Jesus did on earth is possible.  Will you now take the step of faith to ask Jesus for them?  He is waiting for you.

An Adventure of Love

light through trees

7 Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good. 8 To one there is given through the Spirit a message of wisdom, to another a message of knowledge by means of the same Spirit, 9 to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by that one Spirit, 10 to another miraculous powers, to another prophecy, to another distinguishing between spirits, to another speaking in different kinds of tongues, and to still another the interpretation of tongues. 11 All these are the work of one and the same Spirit, and he distributes them to each one, just as he determines. I Corinthians 12:7-11

I went to a Christian camp with a good friend of mine, John who had started attending a new Christian church in White Marsh, Maryland. It was a warm summers day as I met John at the parking lot of his church. A group of his friends from the church piled in and we carpooled together en route to the camp. The men’s group of his church planned to help serve breakfast to all of the kids at this event it was going to be a very big deal and we were all honored to help these kids and serve everyone. By this time, the Lord had used me to pray for many people and now hundreds of people had been miraculously healed. I had many testimonies stored up in my heart for evangelism and for some reason today I could scarcely contain myself. I was in to a fast now for many months from eating sugar. The Lord had called me into this fast and I was determined to accomplish this request of him and for some reason, I found it easier to hear his voice more clearly. I prayed for us in the car before we started. While we were in John’s car, I listened to them reconnect with each other and didn’t really share too much because I was John’s guest and really didn’t know the gang too well. That is until, the Lord said, “It is time to share a testimony.” I don’t remember why we got onto the subject, but one of the guys asked me, Rabon, what has been happening in your life? I said, “You mean since God miraculously healed me?” And they now startled said, “He did what?” Once I got started sharing my testimony, I shared another, then another, then another, then another, one ran into another one. Each of them were captivated by the power of the Lord and what he could do through prayer and belief. An hour + later we finally arrived at our destination and now I felt the presence of God ridiculously all over me. There was a reason for this and this is the account of all of the miraculous works that the Lord did on that single day with more than 20 people!

While we were standing in line to wait for instructions for how to serve meals, I noticed a man standing in the door frame beside me. I said, “I see you are holding your wrist, what happened?” He said, “I broke this wrist while practicing karate, it is an old injury that sometimes gives me pain. It is hurting today.” I said, “Would you like that pain to go away once and for good?” He said, “What do you mean?” I said, “I can’t explain it, but God healed my knees and ever since then I’ve had faith to know that God can heal with love.  It’s been like, we ask God and he heals them right on the spot.” He was confused, (I get this a lot), I said, “Would you like me to pray with you?” He extended his forearm to me, and we prayed together. Immediately, the pain in his wrist left and he said to me, “How did you do that?” I said, “God loves you and He just wants you to know that He does.” He thanked me and I continued to move into the room to receive training on how to serve food. Just then, I noticed a man beside me and he was mumbling something to himself when he said outloud “Ask not, receive not. Oh well what do I have to lose.” Then he said, “I heard you praying for that guy’s wrist, would you please pray with me?” He said, “I would love it if you would.” I said, “Sure, what is wrong?” He said, “My wife wants to file for divorce, can you please pray for me, I mean for us?” I said, “Sure.” We extended our hands to join them together and I prayed for Him. The Lord revealed to me a message that he needed to hear. I said, “Sir, can I share something with you?  This message will not be easy to hear, I’m sorry.”  He said, “Sure what is it?”  I replied, “The Lord said you need to love your wife as Christ loves the church where you are willing to lay your life down for her.  Do you understand what this means?”  Nodding in agreement with me, I continued, “You have been selfish and expectant of her to meet needs that only are possible through your relationship with God.  Do you understand?”  He replied with his head hanging low now, slowly, “Yes, I mean, I know, it’s true.”  I continued, “Here is the way out of this situation.  Ask her forgiveness and let the Lord change your heart to turn your heart of stone into a heart of flesh. Unless you are willing to lay down everything for your wife and love her only the way she needs you to, this union will not be able to continue. Do you understand?” He said now greatly moved, “I do and thank you.” We then locked hands, his on top of my forearms and I held his and we prayed with great intensity these things, that the Lord would open his wife’s heart to receive her husband and that he would grow into loving her the way God intended her to be loved in a holy and complete way.  I felt the presence of God all through the prayer, He was in the center of this work.

After we had left the serving area and had breakfast we broke apart waiting for the kids to arrive for their breakfast. While waiting the Lord had me visit a table of women sitting together and the Lord highlighted one of them. I said, “You have a new housing situation don’t you?” She replied, “Yes I do.” I continued, “I want you to know that you are going to be great in your new place, don’t be concerned for your life or how you need to live. Everything that seems unsettled will all work out and you are going to have the best time in this place, hang in there you will see.” She thanked me and I departed from there and felt led to pray for a man sitting alone by himself at a table.

I introduced myself to him and I said, “Are your knees killing you?” He said, “Yes they are.” I said, “You know, God healed my knees and He can do the same for you right now if you want, do you want me to pray with you about it?” He said, “Awe that would be great!” I said, “Ok, just sit there and receive.” I knew that He didn’t believe that God could do this for him, but I knew in my heart it was already done. I prayed for his knees, while I was praying for him, I felt the power of God move through my hands as he has hundreds of times before and I said, “In Jesus name, cholesterol and blood pressure be healed and all levels be correct in his blood in the name of Jesus. Also, may the swelling in your ankles be healed in Jesus name right now.” We stopped praying and I looked up at him when he said, “How did you know about all of those things? You hit everything that is wrong with me? I don’t understand.” I said, “God told me while we were praying, watch, you will see that your knees are healed right now. Stand up and see for yourself.” He stood up and is started walking around. He exclaimed, “I can’t believe this, I have no pain whatsoever in my knees!” I said, “I know, isn’t it awesome?!?” He replied, “I can’t believe it this is AMAZING!” I said, “Miracles, signs and wonders follow those who believe. It is the Holy Spirit living inside me that directs me and teaches me what to say and to do. Do you want to receive this same power?” He nodded in agreement. I said, “Ok, I’m going to pray that you would receive power, supernatural power from the Holy Spirit. You may feel woosy, but do not worry, I will not let you fall. You will get everything you need from this point forward to see the miraculous works of the kingdom of God be accomplished on earth as it is in heaven today. Are you ready?” Tim was a big man, in stature, he had me by a couple of inches, and in weight, probably by 70+ pounds or more. While we were praying the power of God hit him so greatly that he began to sweat, beads of sweat were rolling off the top of his forehead onto his cheeks and the Lord had me continue until this man started to teeter back and forth such that I needed to hold him upright. When we stopped praying, his eyes were filled with hope and peace.

Then the Lord said to me, “You need to pray with the lady who is all the way across this room in the yellow shirt like this man you just prayed for.” I left his side and started to make my way towards this woman. She passed by me when the Lord said, “Call out to her.” I said, “Ma’am, I have a question for you,” She stopped and turned around now looking at me, I continued, “Do you have terrible back pain right now?” She just looked at me with a stunned look on her face and she said, “How could you know about that?” I said, “The Lord told me about it.” I said, “Would you like the pain in your back to stop now?” She said, “Hang on, I need to say something to my husband first.” So she now walks over to the guy that I just prayed with! I’m like, “Now Lord that is INCREDIBLE!” God said, “Just wait, there’s more than you could possibly know.” I said, “Ma’am, bring him over here to me when you are ready. It’s ok, we know each other.” I said, “Sir, is this lady your wife?” He said, “Yes she is.” I continued, “And her back is hurting right?” She said, “Yes it is.” I said, “Now watch, Ma’am, God just healed your husbands knees and he is going to heal your back too right now.” She said, “They have just put a bridge in my back to try to secure it but I have experienced terrible pain in my back ever since. I mean the surgery is still fresh, but it is really painful right now.” I said, “Watch, let’s pray and God will remove all of the pain in your back.” Timidly she agreed for us to pray. I said, “Tim, put your hand on your wife’s back right now in the place where the pain is worst. I will place my left hand over yours now.” I said, “Now Ma’am, I’m going to just hold your right hand while we pray and the Lord will heal it, you’ll see.” She looked at me with great surprise just then as we got into position and I grasped her right hand. We prayed and God healed her back so there was no pain in her back. The Lord told me to increase the circulation in her body so that new tissues would be created more quickly. Then we stopped praying, and she said, “How could you do that?” I said, “You mean your back, well God loves you so much, he healed you today.” She continued, “Yes that is amazing, but I’m talking about my wrist. Why can you hold my hand?” Now, I’m sure my face showed a great deal of confusion when she continued and said, “I have had a great skin sensitivity on my right hand such that NO ONE can touch my right arm let alone hold my hand! How can you do this?” The Lord said, “There is more for you son, pray this spirit of affliction out of her body and for her arm to be able to work just like it is supposed to.” And that is what we did, and that is what the Lord did. She had full range of motion in her wrist with no pain nor skin sensitivity in her right hand anymore. She was walking around the hall showing her friends what God had just done for her, it was amazing and I have never seen any skin sensitivity like this since. The Lord said to me, “It was a spirit of affliction. You have done well my son,” in my heart.

Just then another man walked up to me and he said, “I don’t have any pain in my body but my wife has terrible shoulder pain, she is supposed to be here today. When she arrives will you pray for her?” That day, his wife never did come while we were there together. Before we left, we prayed together for his wife’s shoulder and I saw in the spirit God healing her shoulder as he did the Roman Centurion’s boy servant when Jesus prayed for him to be healed afar off.

As I went outside, I noticed a man standing by himself smoking a cigarette. I recognized him as being one of the guys from John’s church when I approached and asked if he needed prayer for any pain in his body. He said, “Actually, I have metal in my head from a motorcycle accident. You can pray for that.” I said, “Sure.” In my heart I said to the Lord, “What shall I pray for this man Lord?” The Lord replied, “Ask that he has clearer thinking and for my peace.” So that is what we did. I asked the man how he felt, and he said, “It is like a weight has lifted from my mind, I can’t explain it. Thank you so much, I think my chest is burning.” I said, “I know, isn’t it great?” He was nodding in agreement. I continued, “It is the power of the Holy Spirit, you can ask for more of his presence at any time and you will receive more of him always. Keep pursuing Him and you will never be dissatisfied.” We embraced and I left him.

After all the food was served and the dishes were put away, John had in mind that we would go on a hike together.

(Dear reader if you have heart problems or are with physical heart unbalance and fear associated with it, this prayer below is for you…wait and see what God will do in you, He loves you SO much.)

  While on the way, I recounted all of the events, all testimonies, that God had just completed. John was very moved in his heart at the raw power of the Lord. I said, to John just as we got out of his car, “Is there anything with you health-wise that is a problem for you John?” He replied, “You know I have been having heart problems. In fact I’ve been a little concerned about walking with you today on this hike. I really feel it whenever I climb up a hill.” I said, “Ok, let’s ask God to heal you then, alright?” He said, “Sure.” I said, “You don’t have to close your eyes now watch.” People started to walk past us while we were standing there, which was really weird because there was no reason for them to come near to us. The Lord said in my heart, “These are messengers of the adversary, they are here to frustrate you and to distract you just now, ignore them and continue in your prayer for John. I will answer your prayer today for your friend Rabon, just watch now and see.” I said, “Father, in the name of Jesus, the assignment of satan formed against my brother John be broken right now in Jesus name. Heart be healed in the name of Jesus. Valves work like you are supposed to. I command veins and arteries to be opened completely now in Jesus name. Father as a sign of your love, as a sign of your power, let John feel you working deep in his heart right now in the name of Jesus.” The intensity of the power that I felt as I had been praying increased and I said to John, “What do you feel?” He said, “My heart is burning, but it is a good feeling, I feel …better… actually.” I said, “Now wait, look, Father in the name of Jesus all fear that has been cast over my brother’s life concerning his heart and his health, in the name of Jesus be broken right now off his life. Father, let your peace now come to him in Jesus name. Your peace Lord, right now in the name of Jesus. Fill him with your hope and your peace, let the Kingdom of God fall upon him now and forever in Jesus name. Amen.” I said, “John, what do you feel?” He said, “I think I feel better.” I said, “How will you know that you are healed?” He said, “Whenever we climb the hills together on the trail I will know then.” In my heart the Lord said, “Rabon it is finished.” I said, “Ok, then you will see it is finished as we have requested of the Lord.” So we started to make our way on the path.

We had just crossed over a swinging bridge when I saw a woman who looked like she was in pain pass before me while I was waiting for John to come out of the bathroom. I said to the Lord, “Is she ok?” The Lord said, “Rabon, she just has to go to the bathroom really bad.” I laughed quietly to myself and was now smiling, it was hilarious. Then I saw the same lady pass by me and the Lord said, “There is something here now.” When she returned as she stood 15 feet in front of me I said, “Mam, you are in a lot of pain aren’t you?” She stopped, looked my way in great surprise and she said, “Um yes.” I continued, “It is your back right?” Without skipping a beat she nodded in agreement and said, “Yes, it sometimes spasms.” I said, “And this is happening right now isn’t it?” She said, now recognizing that this was a little weird, in what I noticed may have been a Netherland accent, “Yes it is.” I said, “I know that this is a little weird that I would know this. Look I am a Christian and I’m involved in a healing ministry.” I became aware of John standing beside me now, as we were leaning up against a wall, and I continued. “You see God healed my knees miraculously and I know he can heal you back right now, as you stand there now watch. You don’t even have to move or do anything.” I said, “Lord God, because you love this woman so much, in the name of Jesus, I command the pain in her back to leave her right now in the name of Jesus. I release healing in her back right now in Jesus name. Amen.” Then I heard from my left two more voices with an Asian dialect say, “Amen” one after the other one, a man’s voice and a woman’s voice. When I had finished, the expression of misery on her back was completely gone and I said, “It is gone isn’t it?” She said with an astonished look on her face, “Yes!” I said, “Praise God! The Lord loves you so much. Be blessed.” She, now smiling said, “Thank you so much.” I said, “You are welcome.” Then she left.

After she left me to continue up the trail head, I noticed that we were standing in something like a parking lot. I realized that this was a via point in the park where people could park their car here and take the last section of the journey to the waterfall if they wanted to take a shorter hike. Noticing that there were cars parked near the bathrooms I saw a young girl, just about driving age walk by with a look of tremendous distress on her face. I said, “What is wrong?” as she too was walking past me about 15 feet away. Startled, the expression of fear on her face still present when she turned and stopped. She said, “I am learning how to drive and I am so afraid I will do something wrong or get in an accident.” I said, “Now look, I am a Christian man, God doesn’t give a spirit of fear but instead one of power, love, and a sound mind. Do you have a relationship with God?” She shook her head in agreement. I said, “Now watch, as you are standing there we are going to pray for the power of God to give you his peace of mind while you are driving ok?” She nodded in agreement and she bowed her head while she was standing there. I closed my eyes too and said, “Father we thank you so much for cars and for learning how to drive. Father in the name of Jesus for this young lady, satan has been trying to convince her that she needs to be very afraid that some form of disaster or accident is going to happen while she is learning how to drive. Father we know that you put a hedge of protection around those who love you. In the name of Jesus we break these lies off her life right now in Jesus name. Instead, we release your Holy Spirit, your peace God in her life right now. Thank you God for keeping her safe when she learns to drive and that she will be comfortable and great at it in Jesus name. Amen.” Then I heard my brother John say, “Amen.” And now two Asian voices, “Amen.” “Amen.” She opened her eyes and her continence shown peace! She was relieved, I said, “Now don’t you feel better?” Her face shown as an angel with her long flowing blonde hair and teary blue eyes looking back at me and she said, “Yes I do. Thank you so much!” I said, “You are very welcome, now have fun out there.” The Lord said in my heart, “Her anxiety attack is over Rabon, well done.” She continued to walk out of my view.

Then I felt led to go over to where I heard these two Asian dialect voices. I was not certain of their heritage, they may have been Chinese. They were resting on the wall that we had been leaning on for some time now. In front of the man was a cruiser style baby blue bicycle and he seemed content to sit there but in my spirit I knew that something was off. As I approached they both started to nod and we began talking. The man said with understandable English, “Everyone who is in Christ should be doing these same works in prayer and in power.” I said, “I agree.” I said, “Why are you sitting here?” The woman replied, “My husband’s knees are really hurting and we came over here to rest before continuing.” Smiling on the inside of my heart, the Lord confirmed, “Rabon this is already done, you are going to be a great help to them just now.” I said, “You know something? God healed my knees miraculously and I have been praying for people ever since in a healing ministry. I just know that God can heal your knees right now such that you will have no pain to continue biking without any trouble and for good. Do you want that for yourself now?” He said, “No it is ok.” And his wife, looked at him and said, “Let him pray.” I said, “I know that this seems nuts, but believe me, knees are nothing, the Lord is the one who is doing it.” He replied, reluctantly though, “Ok.” I said, “Now watch.” His wife moved his bicycle away from him, I stooped down and prayed. I asked him to check his knees and he said they were a little better. I said, “Now watch, sometimes knees need to be prayed for twice like Jesus did for the blind man’s eyes.” He nodded in agreement and we prayed once more, I felt the power of God flowing out of my hands into his knees now uninhibited. (The Lord told me this man’s unbelief in the God of miracles was blocking his healing, but because you released the truth of Christ he believes, he will be healed now.) I said, “Try them out, how are they now?” He said, smiling now and with joy in his heart, “They are better! Wow, no pain, thank you so much!” I said, “No problem, God loves you so much. God has so much more for you than you could possibly know. Thank you both so much for praying with me for those two ladies just now, it was beautiful.” John and I each took turns and embraced this man and woman separately.

I turned and said, “Now John are we ready to tackle the rest of this trail?” He said smiling now, “Sure!” We said our goodbyes and continued up the trail. The first part of the trail had several wooden steps that lead into pine trees at the top. I led us up the stairs and John was right behind me not skipping a beat. Then we climbed up a huge hill. I glanced over my shoulder and the Lord prompted me to ask him a question when we got to the top of the hill. I listened to his breathing as we went, was just checking on him, everything seemed awesome. We walked up the long steep hill, with no issues, taking no break and my thighs were starting to ache. We reached the crest of the hill where the trail levelled off and I said, “Well John, how do you feel?” He said, “I’m doing great.” I said, already knowing the answer, “I guess you could probably say that this is confirmation that the Lord has healed your heart for good wouldn’t you say?” Smiling, not out of breath in the least John said dryly, “It would appear so.” I knew that my brother was rejoicing in the Lord with every step as he had been the entire way up that hill, with each step he took in faith, God was delivering him even more. What an amazing triumph for the Lord! In my heart I cried out, “Jesus thank you for healing my friend’s heart! I praise your Holy name God!”

When we got to the end of the trail where the water was, the Lord told me that the elderly couple coming down the path needed prayer. The Lord said, “The wife didn’t expect this walk to be so intense and she has some shakiness and fear associated with the difficulty of the trail.” As they approached me I said, “How are you both doing?” Startled that we would say more than “Hi” or “Hello”, they stopped their progress beside us and the husband said, “We are good.” The wife, not as assured as he said voice quivering, “Ok” even though the expression on her face told me that “No she was not ok, in fact she is scared for her life.” I said, “I am a Christian, I want to bless you both as you continue on your journey, do you mind if I pray for you?” I prayed for them both and I prayed that if any anxiety about continuing this journey was with them that it would be broken off now in Jesus name. As I prayed, I felt the spirit of fear lift off her heart and I prayed that the strength of God to continue safely would be with them for the rest of the difficult way ahead. The Lord said, “Well done my son, the husband will not acknowledge this or even know it was necessary because he was blinded to her need of support. This prayer and pause meant the world to her.” I told them, “Have a great rest of your hike,” we departed. In my heart, the Lord assured me that she would finish her walk safely and in peace of God.

After John and I spent some time at the waterfall, we decided to call it a day and we started to make our way back to the car. When we were nearly finished with the walk we ran into what I would call a very strange encounter. There was a man standing somehow, on something, yet he was drawing nearer to us in the distance. As he turned a last corner I became aware, he is on, …what is that… -a Segway? I looked at John, he looked at me, I said, “John, I’ve gotta pray for this guy ok?” John said, “I knew you would,” now smiling at me. I said as they approached and were within ear shot, “What happened to you?” The man standing on the Segway looked to be in his late twenties/early thirties. He was wearing hiking shoes, blue jeans, and a brown plaid shirt with full brown beard and mustache. He said, “I was in an accident where my legs do not work very well.” I said, “Wow.” He continued, “While we are waiting for the surgery, the insurance company let me rent one of these Segways so that I can get out in nature some. It is the only way that I can enjoy the great out doors right now.” I said, “Would you like to be healed today?” He said, “What, of course that would be awesome.” I said, “You know, I needed a knee replacement in January this year but the doctor told me that I was too young to get one.” He said, “You don’t say.” I said, “Yep, apparently because I was so young, I would need two of them in my lifetime.” He continued to say, “Wow.” He was content to be stopped and still was standing on the Segway while we talked. I told him my testimony about how God healed my knees, recounted the events of even that day were many were healed, and how I joined a healing ministry where the power of God moves upon people for them to be completely restored. I said, “Would you like me to pray for you to have restored use of your legs and feet?” He said, “Of course.” Gingerly, he stepped off his Segway onto the ground and used the Segway to keep his balance. I stooped over and knelt beside him on the trail and prayed for his feet and his legs. Not once, or twice, but three times. I said the third time, now try to walk. He let go of the Segway and I held his hand. He took, timidly small steps and said, “This is amazing!” The woman who was with him on the trail said, “I can’t believe it, there is no way he could do that before.” I said, “Look man, time will tell, (in my spirit the Lord said, you have done well my son, they are satisfied with this and that is all you will be able to do for them because they are counting on the surgery to heal his legs, but my son well done, very well done!) I said, “Now watch, I’m going to let go, but I am right here. Walk on your own strength. He took a few more tentative steps forward, face grinning and his blue eyes filled with hope when he said, “This is a miracle! I can’t believe it!” I replied, “God is so good, you are going to be great, watch to see what happens! You are going to recover fully from this accident and be back in these woods again in no time.” I helped him turn around and held his hand now just for a sense of security and his wife took his hand and guided him back onto the Segway. When the man returned to the safety of the platform on the Segway he looked down at me and said, “Thank you so much for stopping us. Thank you…for everything!” I said, “You are so welcome, be blessed. Enjoy your walk.” Then they continued down the path towards the falls and John and I went home.

In total that day 22 people received a miraculous healing, help, a word of knowledge or encouragement. It was truly awesome to be a vessel of love to an oppressed people that day.  With God ALL things are possible!

Stacks Restaurant

stacks restaurant

When we entered Stacks restaurant in Hilton Head Island, we were anticipating reuniting with our friend. What has it been, 5 years now? My family and I were buzzing with memories of this family we had lost touch with. We used to have a home group when we were part of church in Harford county together; this family moved away before we left the church and before my supernatural encounter with the Lord.
We happened to be on the island for vacation when my wife posted a picture of the beach on Facebook. Shortly afterwards the wife, we will call her Mary ‘messaged’ my wife. Due to schedule conflicts, we could only meet with Mary for breakfast. Her boys were at school and her husband who worked in the remodeling construction business was on a job.

As soon as Mary arrived, the Lord whispered in my heart. “Rabon, Mary’s back is hurting her. I want you to ask her about it.” I prayed in my heart to the Lord, ‘Oh my Lord, thank you for that word about Mary, but God…now God…she’s going to think I am crazy.’ The Lord continued, “Rabon, does that matter really?” I replied in prayer, ‘Do you want me to say anything about it now?’ The Lord replied, “Not yet, just wait until I tell you to say something.”

Breakfast was great and for the most part, the ladies did all of the talking. We heard all about how they left Arizona for Colorado at a camp and then how they arrived to a small town just off the island. While my wife, daughter and Mary were talking I was very interested to hear how their lives had changed and some of the challenges they have faced and overcame. Then the Lord said, “Rabon it is almost time.” I said, “Father, Ok. What do you want me to say?” The Lord said, “Say something like this ‘Mary you do taxes for many people for many hours, that would be a lot of sitting. Does your back ever hurt while you are doing it? -I mean, does it hurt right now for instance?” So I looked at Mary and I said, “You know Mary, I was wondering, you do taxes for a lot of people. I imagine that with a lot of sitting sometimes your back hurts, like is your back hurting right now for instance?” Mary stopped eating and she looked up at me with a tangible expression mixed with surprise, confusion, curiosity, and a little edge of ‘what are you up to Rabon?’ My wife and daughter stopped eating and began looking at me, my daughter now grinning with anticipation. Then Mary replied, “Oh, so you know that somehow…huh?” I said, “Yep, I knew that as soon as you walked into the restaurant today but I didn’t want to tell you about it because I thought you might think I am crazy.” Just then Mary blurted out, “But Rabon, you don’t have to worry about that, I already knew you were crazy anyhow!” At this we all burst out laughing. My wife and daughters posture shifted and I could tell that my wife was already starting to intercede for the situation.
I shared with Mary about how God healed my knees. Skeptically, Mary said, “Beth, were you there when Rabon’s knees were healed?” Beth replied, “Yes I was, it was real and it happened.” Carina piped in and said, “I wasn’t there Mary but when I came home and saw that dad was walking around without a limp I knew something had happened.” Mary, said, “mmm, well you could pray for my neck now, it is hurting more than my back is now.” In a flash the Lord showed me what was about to happen and I said, “In fact Mary, God is going to heal your neck. You will feel the power of God in your neck, probably a tingling sensation with heat…this is normal.” At this, I saw the Lord smile in my heart. We can pray whenever you want to before you leave, this is going to be awesome.

I continued to share a string of testimonies together and as I spoke the Holy Spirit moved greatly in Mary’s heart and she began smiling as tears welled up in her eyes. We finished eating and then I got the bill and paid for breakfast. As we went to leave, we still had not prayed for Mary’s neck, I saw the opportunity was starting to slip away. When we were at our cars in the parking lot I said, “Ok Mary, are we going to see that neck healed or not?” Mary looked at me with great skepticism and also a little bit of punchy sarcasm in her voice as she said, “Ok Rabon, you can pray if you want. You must understand though, I am a Baptist.” I heard the Lord laughing in my heart and I laughed out loud and said, “That’s okay Mary, God heals Baptists too.” She looked at me as if to see if I was kidding, but she really had no idea whatsoever what was about to unfold. I said, “Look Mary, you are going to experience power. I mean, maybe tingling, heat, it may be somewhat intense but it will be good. Depending upon what the Lord does, you may even see a bright light. Trust that the Lord loves you and just receive it, ok?” Mary’s jaw dropped open as I spoke these words, knowing that I wasn’t kidding around and with a shakey reply she said slowly, “Ohh-kayyy.” I said, “Mary, I’m just going to stand behind you…,” as I shifted behind Mary and my wife and daughter simultaneously shifted around in front of her to hold each of her hands, “…and put my hand on your neck here.” Mary said, “Ok.” I said, “Are you ready?” Now feeling really strange, she said, “Sure.”

We prayed. As I felt the tangible power of God exiting my hand into her neck the Lord said, ask Mary what is going on. I did. Mary replied in a low voice, “Oh my. I feel what you are talking about. This is so weird.” In my heart, I was jumping for joy and I continued, “Now watch. This is going to be great.” To the Lord I prayed, “Father, in the name of Jesus, greatly accelerate this healing in Jesus name right now, just because you love Mary so much. God you are so good, thank you for no pain in Jesus name.” At this, the Lord, greatly increased his power and the Lord said in my heart, “My son, it is finished.” So I ended the prayer and I came in front of Mary and asked her to try it out.
Mary slowly turned her head fully left, then with a smile continuing to grow on her face, looked up, then looked fully right. She said, “Oh my, this is so weird. I can’t believe this!” I said, “Mary, this is only the beginning.” I said, “How is your neck?” She replied, “I can’t believe it, there is no pain. This is so weird.” I exclaimed, “Now Mary, THAT is what we call a miracle! Thank you Jesus!” She kept moving her head in every direction and exclaimed again, “That is so weird.” Then she said, “Do you think I need to put ice on it?” My wife and I replied in unison, “No, your neck is going to be fine.”

We embraced, she took a picture of us and we left the restaurant. We continue the conversation about God’s goodness, his mercy, and his power.

The Lord wants to love us into life. He is real, He is powerful, He is merciful, He is love. Be love for someone today. The world awaits your heart and prayers.

Humagulus Restaurant

humagulus restaurant

In April, 2019, a friend and I were having a burger at a Humagulus restaurant near home when the Lord said clearly in my heart, “Rabon, your waitress, her back is hurting her.” I replied in prayer to the Lord, “Really Lord? She is like maybe 22 years old? -are you sure about that?” The Lord replied patiently to me, “Yes Rabon, I want you to ask her about it. Do you remember when I told you at the fair when you went into the restroom that the young man you met outside, that his back was hurting? You asked me at that time if I was sure of it then too and when you asked him about it, he had been in pain for more than 6 months?” I replied in my heart, “Yes Lord I remember.” He replied, “Well Rabon, this is the same thing as that was. Do you remember what happened that day?” I said in my heart, “Yes Lord I do, that was an accurate word and he had pain in his back that was not able to be helped for more than 6 months. You healed him instantly on the street corner in Baltimore city.” The Lord replied, “That is what I am about to do now for this woman, your waitress. I want you to ask her about it.” I replied in my heart, “Ok.”

Now to my friend I said, “Brother, the Lord just told me that our waitress, well her back is hurting her.” He replied, “Ok, sure. I will get up to go to the restroom so that when you ask her about it, it won’t be too weird for her.” I said, “Good idea.” As the Lord confirmed in my heart that Holy Spirit was moving inside of both of us to minister to this woman. My brother left and I was sitting by myself whenever our waitress came by and asked if everything was ok. I said, “Sure thing. But I need to ask you about something.” She stopped and looked at me with great curiosity. I had pulled up my website, which has my photograph on the front page and said, “I am a minister, an evangelist, in healing. The Lord told me to ask you. Do you have pain in your lower back?” Startled, she replied with a smile and a mix of curiosity filled with excitement, “Yes I do. I have a terrible back. I’ve had lots of trouble with my back for a long time.” I replied, “That’s what I thought and being on your feet all day doesn’t help either does it?” She replied contemplatively, “No it doesn’t.” I replied, I would like to pray for your back today, it will only take a minute or two and your back will be completely healed. She replied with excitement, “Really?” I replied, “Yes, for real, I promise.” She said with excitement and anticipation in her voice, “Ok, just let me take care of a couple of tables and I will be back.”

So I am like in my late 40’s now and she is in her 20’s. I said, “God, how do you want me to do this?” I saw a vision of what I was supposed to do to minister to her. She came back to the table after my friend returned from the restroom some time later and said, “Ok, I’m here, now what do I need to do.” I said, “Actually, just turn to the side so that I can place my left hand on your lower back.” I will stay seated and you will feel power of God heal your back on the spot. Is that ok?” She said with anticipation and excitement in her voice, “Sure!” She turned and I placed my hand on her back and prayed. I said to her, “What are you feeling?” She replied, “Your hand is really hot. I feel burning in my back. Actually, …,” she paused, “…the pain is…it is…leaving…it is…gone!?!!” I replied, “Try moving around, is it just a little bit better or all better?” She moved around and said, “This is really weird, it is all better!?!” I replied, “That is what we call a Miracle! God loves you so much. Do you have a relationship with God?” She replied, “Well not really no.” The Lord said, “Don’t take it any further, just recommend she read your website and she will accept Jesus in her heart after I speak to her heart further. Well done my son.” I replied, “That’s ok. Just know that God loves you. I’m not trying to put anything on you ok? Just check out my website and you will understand how you were healed today and what I believe.” She took a picture of my website with her phone, shook my hand and thanked me.

What a wonderful chance to bless our waitress today. Amazing God!

Father, Thank you so much for your word and for accomplishing this greater work through me today. My hope is that all Christians begin to walk in power with expectation for miracles to happen in real time. Father let me help anyone who needs help and better to help Christians to walk in power with love, trusting only in you Oh Lord. That all Christians would love with compassion and accomplish the greater things you promised we would do. In any way of your choosing Lord, let me help to guide or mentor some, so that you Oh Lord are famous and many have the chance to experience your Love oh Lord. Let all Christians embrace the world with love! In Jesus name, Amen.

Mentoring Workshops

Custom Workshop picInvite me to help you!  It doesn’t matter if you are an outreach group, an established church, small group, club, your house church, or on on one.  In any venue I can teach the keys to evangelism which taps into the innate power given to all Christians. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were breathed into and their natural lives began. At the time of Christ, Jesus breathed onto his Spirit into the disciples and their supernatural lives in evangelism began.

Power evangelism, with healings, signs, and wonders following is something that you catch rather than something you earn.

Today, more than ever, talk is cheap. I have sat under many great teachers in my lifetime since receiving Jesus in my heart at 13 yrs. old in the summer of 1983. Yet when I encountered the love and raw power of God to heal; it has changed me forever.

Let me help you to unlock the gifts to walk as a powerful witness for Jesus too. (Contact me.)

 Workshop Testimony, 4/2019

Workshop Overview:  The best way to learn is through key practical teaching, demonstration, and participation. These workshops contain 5 parts.

  1. Freedom, Overview of the Godhead and Hearing His Voice
  2. Our Identity and Getting our “House” in Order
  3. The Life and Ministry of Jesus
  4. Key Principles of and Demonstration of Miracles, Signs, and Wonders
  5. Activation Through Prayer and Participation

Why a Workshop?  The disciples of Jesus lives’ were changed forever under the teaching, coaching, and demonstration of power given in their association with Jesus over time. We are a relational people and we need to spend time together in order to move in power. I have helped many people to grow in their gifting for power and that is the goal of this workshop.

What to Bring?  Yourself, an open mind, your belief, a notebook, pen, and a bible.

What to Expect?  An open, safe, interactive, informational, practical application, and fun environment to grow in your power gifting. This will be a time to rest in the Lord and also to grow in knowledge of his heart toward you.

Length of Workshops:   Sessions can be 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours, and 18 hours. Depends greatly upon the size of the group.

What are My Goals?  To equip attendees with truth, trusting only in God.  Then move into practical powerful demonstrations with participation so you will be moving in the power of God before you leave. The goal is that 100% of those in attendance would be able to move in power at the workshop. Subsequent workshops or individual instructional mentorship is available for those who want more.

Workshop Costs:
I know this may seem counter-cultural, but at this time, I offer my teaching, and coaching sessions at no cost. Freely I have received freely I give. The only costs will be inclusive of the materials you would like to have in printed form to review during the workshop.

We do not need to have other printed materials to form a successful ministry, but it can be helpful. All we really need is the greatest instructional manual (Holy Scripture) and our relationship with Jesus intact to move powerfully forward together.

My only request is if you are outside of a 1 hour drive from my location is coverage of reasonable travel expenses so that I can be fresh for your workshop and stay as long as needed for everyone to be walking in power.